suggestions and advice needed on list

<p>I'm a junior, and I think I have a working list of schools that I could be happy at, but I would love suggestions or comments on those that I already have down.
What I want: As far as academics go, I would really like a place that has excellent classes and professors because I get so excited about learning. So I don't mind if most of the students are dorks, because I like a strongly intellectual environment. I want to go to a place where I can be amazed by everyone and have really great conversations, but also where I feel really at home. I don't want to feel like my best friend would kill me to earn a higher grade. When searching for schools, I also looked at the political atmosphere (I am very conservative and also a dedicated Christian- although the whole Christian college thing is not what I'm looking for), partying wasn't really a huge draw for me because I won't even try alcohol or drugs, and coming from Texas, I'm hoping I can handle New England winters with the appropriate snow wear. And as for a campus, it must be BEAUTIFUL!! I love lots of acreage, quads, open fields. I like the Evanston, Chicago type of college town (except a little less ritzy but you know what I mean- cute and small). I suppose I feel most comfortable in the South, but I'm totally willing to go far away too. Financial aid is no determining factor.
What I have going for me:
Okay here's some very vague stats about myself- sorry that I have nothing more substantial yet in the way of SATs or anything though
-all honors at a highly competitive college prep school (4/120)
-banking on national merit
-a few clubs that I love and spend loads of time in
-lots of community service at a couple of places that I consistently go to
-a social life (haha)
-class president twice and will probably run unopposed for stuco pres
-took 2 classes at Northwestern this summer and made 2 A's
okay I realize that list makes me look like a dreadful applicant, but I only have a couple more minutes on the internet so I have to hurry.
by the way... my teacher recs are going to be very eye-catching because i've had a couple of teachers for four years and coming from a small school, they REALLY know me!</p>

<p>Okay my interests are NOTHING in math or science. Probably more like English lang and lit. So that's about it for me. Given all of this information, here is what I came up with on my own</p>

William and Mary
Wake Forest (family there)
Washington and Lee (Is it true all they do is drink?)
Bates, Bowdoin, Colby (can I handle Maine winters?)

<p>I'm begging for suggestion. Influence me while my list is not set in stone!</p>

<p>How about:</p>


<p>I don't want to go to Davidson because of the legendary workload (and I know some people there that I really can't stand although that sounds shallow as a reason for not attending). And Wesleyan is slightly too leftist for me, but all the others I will definately look into!! Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Uggh, then I'd give up on Oberlin for sure and probably Grinnell,too. You wouldn't like Carleton either. All left-leaning. You really sound like someone who would LOVE Wheaton (in Illinois). Excellent academics with a Christian zing. Not my cuppa but right up your alley.Try Sewanee for a different take on the theme. Colgate, possibly some of the other good Pennsylvania schools would fit somewhat , Bucknell, maybe Allegheney? Certainly Furman might be a place for you. Start with those.</p>


University of the South
Lewis & Clark
Trinity U.
College of the Holy Cross</p>

<p>Grinnell--I would keep, tends to be liberal, but appreciative of different views as opposed to some of the other schools.</p>