Suggestions for a 3.4 interested in journalism

<p>This is for the daughter of a friend of mine.</p>

<p>3.4 GPA, projected ACT in the 26 - 28 range, public hs in the midwest. Interested in journalism. Good but not outstanding EC's. Would need to have financial aid - parents' EFC would be in the $15K/year range.</p>

<p>What would be some good choices, given this profile? Open to anywhere in the country. Is Mizzou a possibility at this level?</p>

<p>I think admission to the university would not be a problem. However, she might not be admitted to the J-school immediately. I'm not sure of the time frame now, but it is possible, perhaps common, to apply for J-school after freshman or sophomore year, after meeting requirements.</p>

<p>Financially, I don't know. OOS tuition may be too steep. There are some limited reciprocity agreements with other midwest states, but they encompass specific programs.</p>

<p>pizzagirl, it looks unlikely she would be a direct admit unless she can raise the ACT to 29 or above:</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> Fall Semester 2009</p>

Students must be admitted to the School of Journalism to pursue the bachelor of journalism degree. Students are admitted in one of two categories:</p>

<li><p>Directly Admitted Students. A freshman applicant will be directly admitted to the School of Journalism if he or she meets standard MU admissions requirements and any one of the following three criteria:</p>

<pre><code>Ranks in the top 10 percent of his or her high school class.
Scores 29 or higher on the ACT Composite.
Scores 1290 or higher on the math-verbal portions of the SAT.

<p>The University of Missouri-Columbia does not use the relatively new SAT or ACT essay examinations in its admissions process.</p>

<li>Pre-Journalism A&S Students. Students accepted by MU who do not meet one of the criteria for direct admission are admitted as pre-journalism students in the College of Arts and Science. Pre-journalism students apply for admission to the School of Journalism as they complete the fourth journalism course, which is either J2000, Cross-Cultural Journalism, or J2100, News. That usually occurs in the second semester of the sophomore year as the student is completing 60 credits and all other requirements.


<p>Re: the Midwest Student Exchange Program</p>

<p>It doesn't look like the J-school is a participant. I don't see any of their programs listed here:</p>

<p>Midwest</a> student exchange | Undergraduate Admissions | University of Missouri</p>

<p>Out of state estimated COA is about $34K. In addition, any J-school classes carry an added charge of $50 per credit hour.</p>

<p>If she's in Illinois, NIU has a well-regarded journalism program - not on the level of NU's or Mizzou's, but then, what is?</p>

<p>Talk to me more. How is NIU's journalism program well-regarded? I've not heard anything about it, but then again I'm not in that field so what do I know (and of course most of what I've heard is Medill-based). Student is an NU legacy and knows that NU / Medill are not in the cards.</p>