Suggestions for a happy Canadian

<p>Hello! I've just been introduced to CC today. My family received notice that we have the approval to apply for an American Green Card last week, so I will be applying to an American university this December - which is a bit of a surprise for me.</p>

<p>So as of now, I am a Vietnamese-Canadian and will be applying as an international student. I would like some suggestions on which universities to apply to and will list some information below for you to help me evaluate my situation. </p>

<p>I'm thinking of applying to Yale journalism/IR/gender studies because I've heard great reviews about the programs there. </p>

<p>By the way -do American universities look at grade nine marks?</p>

<p>Grade 10 Marks
IB English - A
IB International Studies - A
IB French - A
Dance -A
Principles of Mathematics - C- (... egads!) - I may retake the course online for a more pleasant mark.
IB Science - B
IB Social Studies - A
PE Leadership -B
Photography - A</p>

<p>Grade 11 Marks
Italian 11
Biology - A
Civics - A
English - A
Math - A/B
English Lit 12 - A
Social Justice 12 - A
Law 12 - A
IB French - A</p>

English 12
English AP
Human Geo AP
Psychology AP
French AP - French 12
Biology 12
Mathematics 12</p>

<p>I am planning on taken my SAT/ACT in October. Any pieces of advice?</p>


<p>Vancouver District Student's Council - President, Vice-President, Committee Rep
-> Entails international aid projects and local projects
School student council - grade rep x 3yrs, treasurer, executive
AccessJustice (pro-bono law) administrative assistant
Landmines Awareness President
Leos Club Secretary/Vice pres
Rotary Club IT Manager
Model United Nations
Drama - Director of plays, actress in three other productions
VOX Chamber Choir
Vancouver Bach Chamber Choir
Microcredit Challenge President
Peer Tutor (every day)
Canadian Youth Assembly News Director
Vancouver Youth Parliament
Duke of Edinburgh coordinator -Youth Millenium Program - valedictorian for program
School Ambassador
Assistant Librarian at Alliance Francaise
UNESCO volunteer</p>

<p>Science Fair - American Industrial Hygiene Award for research into household products and toxic levels</p>

<p>Journalism exp
Interned with CBC (major news channel in Canada), put together evening broadcast/newsanchored
Intern with SCHEMAmag
Journalist for Free the Children/Toronto Star
"Sharing the dream" webcasts - a hand-selected group of youth that reported on the 2010 Olympics
Various other publications in Vancouver</p>

Miss Teen Vancouver/ Miss Teen British Columbia finalist
Directed major charity fashion show (over $100,000)</p>

<p>In the summer time I work with the Vancouver School Board as a student worker. I may also work in a real estate/architectural company this summer as well as a politician's office. </p>

<p>Confs: World Youth Congress in Turkey as a Canadian journalist, Encounters with Canada/National Student Commonwealth Forum/Impact National Entrepreneurship Conference and others! </p>

<p>And currently I am beginning a non profit organization with friends across the country to provide children - in particular girls - in Afghanistan with schools and sporting equipment. We will be registered by this summer. It's something that I'm very excited about. </p>

<p>Well - I hope that I've provided enough information. We don't have National Honor societies in Canada.. or any large national groups - but I hope that gives you a strong profile to observe and comment on. </p>


<p>Wow. I think you definitely have a shot at Yale. It's never certain for anyone, but I think you have a good chance at getting in there...your ECs are amazing and your academics are also very good (I do think they look at your grade 9 marks, but it's more in the context of how it contributes to your overall GPA). Do you know what kind of college environment you're looking for? By that, I mean small, medium, or large; urban, rural, or suburban campuses; liberal arts college vs. university. It's fine if you don't - God knows I didn't really - but sometimes it's nice to have some idea.</p>

<p>It will be a little harder since you're an international student, though. Are you looking for Financial Aid? Unfortunately, that can make it harder to get in for an international, thought I still think you have a good chance of getting in.</p>

<p>I would suggest looking at some of the other Ivy League schools (UPenn, Dartmouth, Cornell, etc.), as well as maybe Northwestern University, Washington University in St. Louis, maybe Georgetown or Rice. Obviously Yale has fabulous programs; however, with multiple interess I would also suggest looking at some liberal arts colleges, like Amherst, Middlebury, or Carleton (but then, I'm a little biased...haha).</p>