Suggestions for a hostess gift

<p>Due to a serious illness in my family, my daughter's teammate's mom will be picking her up from the airport, hosting her overnight and driving her 2 hours to camp, along with her son. She has also planned a trip to an amusement park for the kids. I do not know this mom very well, have only met her once at team banquet because she lives 10 hours away. I am looking for suggestions for a hostess gift for my daughter to bring to give to her. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>The nicest hostess gift I ever got was actually from D's long term boyfreind when he came to stay with us over Christmas.</p>

<p>He brought BBQ sauce for my husband (smart boy, imo.), and brought me artisanal chocolates.</p>

<p>I love to give high quality olive oils and vinegars and specialty salts, myself. </p>

<p>How nice of this woman.</p>

<p>First, I wish your family member a speedy recovery. The other mom is a lovely woman, no question. Depending on what you want to spend you can go to William Sonoma/Crate and Barrel/PotteryBarn online and buy, click and send, anything from dish towels (not snide, my mother always brought nice towels as a hostess gift), salad bowl (with tongs and oils/vinegars), barbeque wood chips, smoker box...well, you get the picture. William Sonoma (while expensive) does wrap and send, Crate and Barrel boxes and sends, as does Pottery Barn. </p>

<p>I happen to love these pot holders my son bought for me...a sort of rubbery non heat conducting thin pair..not expensive, but I use them constantly. The point and click gets the job done (and WS has a callin phone that goes even faster), with the least stress (and most bang for your buck) and fast.</p>

<p>My DD hosted a group of friends and some of the items given, that we are still using:</p>

<p>Seasonal theme dish towel
Dish towel from area kids lives (we have some from abroad)
Beach towel flag of country or state of residence
local jams
local candies</p>

<p>I'm not sure how much time you have, but she could order online for delivery where she is or maybe a trip to the gourmet section at TJ Maxx?</p>

<p>I usually give a hostess gift that is made where I live. So...this New England family generally gives a small container of maple syrup. OR chocolates from the local chocolate maker.</p>

<p>Sounds like you have some great suggestions for hostess gifts. Since it sounds like they're doing some fun stuff, it might also be nice to send a framed picture with a gracious thank you note after the fact. Or perhaps flowers--my mom loves it when I send them to her, and since they eventually die and are thrown away, no need to worry about where to store something later on!</p>

<p>Great suggestions! I like the idea of a nice box of chocolates, just not sure they would make it to the intended recipient. My daughter is an absolute chocoholic!</p>

<p>Then have the chocolates mailed to the family!!! With a nice thank you note.</p>

<p>Our farmers's market has locally made jams, salsas, and other goodies, including local honey. You might look if you have one in your area.</p>

<p>Last time D went to her BF's house for a visit, she stopped at a local cupcake shop and bought a box of fancy cupcakes. They were a big hit! Her BF always brings me chocolates, and I am very appreciative. The Godiva's he brought last week had a seal under the box cover, so it would have been hard to snitch any on the way. :)</p>