Suggestions for choosing please

<p>Hey you guys
So I'm a rising Senior and I'm starting to look into a lot of different colleges that I want to apply to. Here's my background</p>

Asian American
Living outside America at an International School
USA Citizen
Applicant for Financial Aid</p>

GPA. 3.97 (our GPA scale is messed up. 94 is an A-. So my GPA is basically me getting 94-96s.)
IB Diploma
SAT - 2210 (for now. hopefully over 2250 in october)
SAT 2s Math - 750 USH - 730 Physics - (november, probabl 750)</p>

Student Council - 9-12 (Freshman President, Junior President, Student Body President)
Model UN 9- 12 (Delegate/Chair)
Speech and Debate 9- 12 (1st place at an international tournament between schools) / Taught middle schoolers for 10,11
Cross Country 10- 12
Jazz Band <em>Baritone</em> 9-12 (Section Leader since 10)
National Honors Society - 11,12</p>

Bangladesh 4 weeks helping at a hospital/tutored english.math. etc
Paraguay 2 weeks Visited different churches and had camps for the local kids
Philippines. Habitat for Humanity / Orphanage 1 week
Korea - Habitat for Humanity 1 week
Philippines - 1 week (helped out a mission center for college students)</p>

<p>I'm interested so far in International Relations or Political Science or Business.
So I'm thinking about applying to:
Stanford (#1 choice)
UC Berkeley
UC Los Angeles

<p>Can I have some advice on what my chances are for each of these colleges and also any other recommendations for places that I should apply to.


<p>You have a good list. Maybe consider Cornell.</p>