Suggestions for Classes to take

<p>So I'm incoming freshman, Warren, Computer Science and I have some units from AP test's and CC classes. But I'm not sure what Areas of Studies I should do based on the exemptions I get.</p>

<p>Exemptions I have:
AP Bio - BILD 1, 2, 3
AP Calc BC - Math 20A & B
AP Psych - Psyc 1, 1 course toward Psychology AS
AP US Gov - 1 course toward Political Science AS
CC class Macroecon
CC class Sociology
(I have no idea what exemptions or units my 2 CC classes will get me, if any. UCSD received the CC transcript, but it hasn't appeared on my academic record yet. Hopefully it will soon...</p>

<p>So with that in mind...would my fall schedule look something like
CSE 8A & 8AL
And one more course, maybe to begin my AS?...but I don't know what.</p>

<p>Oh and my enrollment time is supposedly not that great: Sep 2, 12:20. So what are the chances that I will even get these classes? Sorry this is a pretty long post, but maybe you guys can help me out here? ><" Thanks.</p>

<p>Your classes look good.
Given my your academic performance I suggest that you should your physics sequence thus taking physics 2A. Do you have any programing experience cause 8A is a challenging class if your new to it. Remember there is no prereq however you will be in the class among students who have already take a programing course. CC students as well as AP Comp Science students. It that case I recommend you taken CSE 3.
I recommend you take </p>

<p>CSE 3
CSE 20
Math 20C
GE </p>

<p>or </p>

Math 20C
PHYS 2A</p>

<p>Contact me if you have any questions</p>

<p>Dont worry about getting a seat in the class your advisor has reserved setting for all incoming students, however transfer students register during august 26</p>

<p>^You actually do have to somewhat worry about getting seats in classes - no advisors reserve anything for anyone. It's all done online via WebReg. However, a certain number of seats in freshman classes will be released closer to registration. Also, OP is a freshman and not a transfer student. </p>


<p>Hmm, I'm looking at the requirements for CS and for general science it says "Physics 2A/2B or Chem 6A/6AH/6B/6BH or BILD 1/2 or BILD 3/10." So wouldn't my AP Bio score already cover the general science requirement? or not....?...?</p>

<p>Ok so ucsandiego's post just barely popped up as I'm typing yea...that explains things...a little...sigh.</p>

<p>Sorry :/ there will be more seats open and your registration time honestly isn't THAT bad. I remember I wanted to take CSE 8 (as a sophomore) and there were already like 65 people on the waitlist, that's the only one I'd be somewhat concerned about.</p>

<p>I wasn't sighing because of my registration time xD. I was sad because I was going to try to clear up the confusion from lahoward's post...and then your post made me realize that there was no point in doing that...</p>

<p>Ohhhhh hahaahahaha my bad :)</p>

<p>As a fellow CS major, your AP Bio scores should exempt you from the General Science major requirement.</p>

<p>I don't think you should worry about getting into your CS classes. As they said, they reserve seats for Freshman. ALSO, since you're a CS major, you get priority in them :]</p>

<p>Nor do I think you ever have to worry about getting into Math. It's a requirement for about everyone.</p>

<p>I don't know much about Warren, but I definitely suggest also taking a GE to make 4 classes. Any is fine.</p>