Suggestions for counseling psychology major?

<p>After much thought, I'm definitely committed to obtaining a PsycD or PhD to become a therapist (I think the EdD would actually limit me). I want to go into a college that offers that plus the undergraduate degree. Any suggestions? I live in Maryland. I've been thinking of University of Maryland College Park and Pittsburgh University.
Help would be appreciated.</p>

<p>There's no need to limit your undergraduate choice to schools with graduate psych programs. Most people choose different institutions for their undergraduate and graduate work. I recommend finding a place that puts a very large emphasis on undergradate study for your bachelor's institution and then finding a graduate school that has faculty who research specific topics in psychology that you would be interested in pursuing yourself.</p>


<p>My D is looking to do the exact same thing. In her case, she chose an LAC which had a strong emphasis on research and internships. We had been told by numerous people that previous experience in these areas are helpful when applying for a graduate program, of course along with grades, recomendations, GRE results, etc. D thought she may have more opportunities to conduct research and participate in internships in a smaller college. </p>

<p>D also looked at some of the accelerated programs which combined the Bachelors and Masters into 5 years. I remember Villanova having that option. In the end, she decided to go the undergraduate route and then decide what she wanted to pursue later on since many people change their minds about majors once they get into college and explore other areas of interests.</p>

<p>Agree with lynx. My sister did her undergraduate in Psychology at Univ. of Rochester and then did master and doctorate at Northwestern. For undergrad - since you are in MD - how about St. Mary's College - public honors college - very affordable in-state. Save your money for grad school.</p>