Suggestions for external scholarships. International student edition

hi everyone! i’m non-u.s. citizen and i need to find some external scholarships to cover a part of my education expenses. what are your suggestions and maybe some piece of advice? thank you.

Are you a current high school senior?

How much money do you need? $200 or $20,000?

Realistically, scholarships given in the United States are seldom given to international students…unless you get Questbridge or a great award from some college. The external scholarships I know of here don’t usually award to internationals. Most are local scholarships in communities.

Any external scholarships awarded for fall 2021 by your college have deadlines that have likely passed…but check there just in case there is something for international students.

Is there any source in your home country that provides funds for students to study in the United States?

The best scholarships and grants come from the universities themselves.
If you’ve already received funding, then it I’ll probably stay about the same.
Parents are ultimately financially responsible for their children’s college expenses.

As an international student, your funding is very limited. You don’t qualify for US government-based funding. Currently, the Pandemic has adversely impacted the schools funds and income from campus activities. The coffers are very low but the need for funding has increased a thousand-fold which includes domestic priority students.

You should consider your universities at home if you can’t come up with the funding.

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Another thing. If you did receive need based aid, it’s very possible that external scholarships will reduce that need based aid. You are required to inform the colleges of any external scholarships you receive. It is up to the college to determine if and how your need based aid might be reduced because of external monies.

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Are you a transfer student?

no, i’m a freshman

i have just one college that i applied to as a transfer student , which has less than 1% acceptance rate so i most likely will not get in
(it’s a long story how i could apply both as a freshman and as a transfer, but in short it’s because of junior specialist diploma that i have which is kinda of associate degree in U.S.)

for my most generous option right now i believe that my family needs around 5k/year of extra assistance