Suggestions for "Match" Colleges

<p>I would appreciate suggestions for "match" colleges for my daughter. She would like to attend a liberal arts college within 500 miles of the Philadelphia/South Jersey area. She is intends to begin the study of the Chinese language and major in International Studies or something similar. She also wants continue in Art as a minor or at least take significant coursework in art. She is ranked in the top 2% of her class at a very large "average" suburban high school from which only a few students attend highly ranked or distant colleges each year. Her SAT scores are in the high 1300's, with a 100 point better verbal score than math score. She will have 7 AP courses (one of which is independent study), all in humanities (none in science or math) but has taken honors in science (3 years - Bio, Chem, Physics) and math (4 years, through calculus) all through high school (as do all of the better students at our school). She is very involved with many activities, has time-consuming leadership roles in two major school activities (a school club and instrumental music), and would like to continue her involvement in various activities, music, and community service in college. So far, of the schools we visited, we have found as matches Hamilton and Kenyon, and as "safeties" Skidmore and Dickinson with University of Vermont a more sure safety. We would like to find more match schools for her that meet her criteria ( a little more selective than Skidmore and Dickinson, although she would be happy to attend these) and would appreciate any suggestions. I will not be able to access my computer for several days, so I will not be replying to any helpful advice until this weekend. Thanks very much!</p>

<p>Has she looked at Middlebury?</p>

<p>Thanks. I think it might be more of a "reach" for her based on SATs (especially math), and I am not sure about the art department there. I know it is noted for foreign languages and I will look into it. EDIT - I just looked at the website - Middlebury requires either the ACT or a quantitative (science or math) SAT II or AP test, which my daughter was not planning to take. Apparently they do not consider the SAT I in the admission process. It's good to be aware of this in case anyone is considering this school.</p>

<p>A couple of colleges that my son applied to were Oberlin, The College of Wooster and Allegheny. I believe that both COW and AC are highly underrated colleges and all three offer excellent academics. Others to consider might include Colgate, Rochester, Bucknell and Lafayette. They are a little larger that a typical LAC but are good academically and may have a little more to offer their students.</p>

<p>Someone already mentioned Oberlin, which I think would be a good, solid match. Bard is another school that looks like a match for your daughter. I would also consider Vassar, Colgate, and perhaps even Bryn Mawr (though Bryn Mawr and Vassar may be a bit more of a reach, but well within her academic profile). If you were looking for an additional safety, Sarah Lawrence would seem to fit the bill. </p>

<p>If you would consider public institutions, I believe that both William & Mary and University of Virginia could be considered lower matches. William & Mary is more like a liberal arts college than UVA, so on that basis it is probably a better match with your daughter. While my geography may be off, I believe that all of these schools meet the 500 mile test.</p>

<p>With your daughter's strong SAT scores and high class rank, it is kind of hard to find "higher matches" where admission would be almost certainly guaranteed. In other words, all of the schools that match her criteria are highly competitive regarding admissions. She would have a very good shot at being admitted to any of these schools, but would probably not be a lock at most of them.</p>

<p>Good luck. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>Last fall, my nephew and I visited all the schools on your Ds list with the exception of University of Vermont. His stats were very similar, though a bit lighter EC-wise. His academic interests were history and political science. </p>

<p>Other schools we visited and liked were College of Wooster (safety) and Bates (match, but they fill a lot of slots ED.) We both liked Franklin & Marshall too, but not as much as Kenyon, Dickinson, Bates and Wooster. My nephew liked Colgate a lot, but was not accepted there. (I was lukewarm on the place.) I liked Hamilton; he didn't, and he did not apply. He started at Kenyon last month and appears to be happy and doing well. </p>

<p>One place I wanted to visit but didn't was Connecticut College, which would appear to be a good choice based on your Ds interests. They've had a Chinese program there for forty years. I'd second Bard as an option, too.</p>

<p>Conn College is beautiful and has good academics but I don't know much about it just visited a few times for other reasons. </p>

<p>Good luck regardless of her decisions.</p>

<p>"If you would consider public institutions, I believe that both William & Mary and University of Virginia could be considered lower matches." I have to caution that for an out of state applicant neither of these schools is a lower match, maybe not a match at all, but something of a realistic reach. The class rank will be helpful, the SAT scores probably not helpful for an out of stater. The owmen's schools icemaker refers to sound like better bets for almost-matches.</p>

<p>Thanks for all of the helpful suggestions. Of the schools mentioned by various posters above, Oberlin seems to best fit my daughters interests (from reading its website, etc) and we will look into it further.</p>

<p>Haverford and Swarthmore are highly-selective liberal arts colleges in Philadelphia. Bryn Mawr too, but I don't think they have an International Relations/Studies major.</p>

<p>Oberlin has a very good Chinese and East-Asian studies program.</p>