suggestions for orgo 1 prof?

<p>I'm down to either castellano or wagener. Anyone have any suggestions on these professors? Any word on them?</p>

<p>UF</a> - University of Florida | CHM 2210 professor GPAs & ratings (Organic Chemistry) | MyEdu</p>

<p>it appears, at least, that castellano is more lenient with grades than wagener. </p>

<p>when in doubt go to myedu and look at grade distributions, then go to ratemyprof if that doesnt tell u enough.</p>

<p>If you are planning on going to med school, take Portmess. I took him for Orgo 1 in spring last year and then did summer C for Orgo 2 with Portmess as well. He really makes you think and understand the material-- yea he's hard, but in the long run, it's paid off for biochem and genetics.... just a thought.</p>

<p>Yeah, I hear that while Portmess is the most difficult, he is the best teacher. He prepares you for Orgo II and the MCAT well.</p>

<p>Another vote for Portmess. D had him for Orgo I, and she wanted him for Orgo II, but he wouldn't fit into her schedule. She really, really missed him. She says "yes, he's tough," but he's such a good teacher, and she really learned a lot from him. Made her other teacher pale by comparison. </p>