Suggestions for schedule changes (Junior)

Hi everyone, I am new here.
I am a junior and here are the AP classes I am planning on taking:
AP Calc BC (I took AB last year, with a 5)
AP Chemistry (Very nice teacher)
AP US History (seems like a lot of difficult reading, but I find the material and lectures slightly interesting)
AP Latin 5
AP Computer science A
AP Language and Composition(English has never been my strong suit, but I heard this class will improve my writing skills)

My school is pretty AP heavy and I know 2 people who are also taking 6 AP classes.

My question are:

  1. How much homework could I expect each night?

  2. Would it be worth it to take fewer APs to work on my weak extracurriculars?

  3. Would it look bad to colleges if I took Honors US history or Honors English 11 instead of their respective AP classes?

Depends. What do you plan on studying?

I am not sure at the moment. Probably something STEM related such as biology or computer science