Suggestions for small liberal arts schools (east coast) at level of Skidmore would be appreciated

Sarah Lawrence

<p>Just to name a few…</p>

<p>Earlham – quaker school in Indiana, very cool vibe, lots of interesting kids. </p>

<p>My D applied to Skidmore. Other schools she applied to or considered:</p>

Hampshire (safety)
Mount Holyoke
Wellesley (harder to get into)
Wesleyan (harder to get into)
Connecticut College
Sarah Lawrence
Bryn Mawr</p>

<p>My older S applied to Skidmore. The other colleges he applied to were:</p>

<p>Hampshire - he’s attending Hampshire and has taken advantage of all the 5 college consortium offers
Sarah Lawrence
Ithaca College

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Brandeis, Vassar and Bates are harder to get into than Skidmore</p>



<p>Unless things have changed considerably, I was also under the impression Bryn Mayr and Smith were harder to get into than Skidmore.</p>

<p>Bennnington, Goucher, Clark, Vassar, Barnard, Sarah Lawrence</p>

<p>I could make an argument that Skidmore effectively represents the median “branded” northeastern LAC, such that practically any other LAC that is at all selective bears some substantial resemblance to it, at least in the northeastern quadrant of the country (i.e., including places like Lawrence, Kalamazoo, Kenyon, Denison). It’s arty but not that arty, preppy but not that preppy, choosy but not that choosy, fun but not too fun, reasonably strong academics, not urban but not too isolated, recognized name and reputation especially in the NYC area . . . . It’s not quite the academic peer of Williams or Swarthmore, say, but it’s no finishing school, either. Almost every school mentioned here is a lot like it in many respects, and perhaps very different in one or two.</p>