Suggestions for small liberal arts schools (east coast) at level of Skidmore would be appreciated

<p>I would be grateful for suggestions for small liberal arts schools similar to Skidmore in selectivity and feel. </p>

<p>Near what geographic location?</p>

<p>What about Lawrence? </p>

<p>East coast preferably</p>

<p>Connecticut College</p>

<p>Muhlenberg </p>


<p>I’m guessing you are looking for a liberal, artsy feel (that was my impression of Skidmore anyway) – if so I’d look into Bard and Clark and perhaps some of the women’s colleges if you are female…</p>



<p>HWS Hobart & Wm Smith.
Can you remind us of his interests and stats?
happy1 mentioned Clark- always worth at least an online look and it’s part of a consortium (with Holy Cross and WPI, and others.) </p>

<p>Interested in physics and music 92 average lots of APS and 31 on act</p>

<p>It isn’t East coast, but Lawrence jumps to mind for a student with those interests.</p>

<p>Oberlin should be given serious consideration considering the physics and music interests even if it’s not on the East Coast. </p>

<p>Goucher, Wheaton, Hampshire, Dickinson . . . possibly Drew, as a safety.</p>

<p>Sarah Lawrence, Mt Holyoke, Juniata?</p>

<p>I can vouch for the music program at Connecticut College. There are free individual music lessons (well, free after you’re otherwise paid up). It’s also proud to proclaim itself as an all Steinway campus. </p>

<p>Many good suggestions above. On the surface it may not seem like a fit, but I’d also look into Fordham - Lincoln Center.</p>

<p>DePauw, even though it’s in the midwest, has a good music and science. Their new music facility is absolutely incredible for being a school with 2800 students. </p>

<p>Bucknell looks like like an excellent fit as well</p>

<p>Bucknell and Skidmore have very different vibes - not at all the same “feel”. Skidmore is very artsy, go your own way, while Bucknell is much more pre-professional and preppy. Bucknell has a very big Greek system, while Skidmore has none.</p>

<p>Dickinson is somewhere in-between the two. Although I never visited Muhlenberg, I would guess that it leans closer towards Skidmore than other northeastern LACs in this selectivity range. Allegheny is another school to consider, less selective than the others but academically strong.</p>

<p>DePauw is wildly unlike Skidmore socially. Huge Greek scene. Very mainstream and traditional. I don’t think many students would like both schools, despite strong music at each.</p>

<p>Not an LAC, but look at U of Rochester. Mid-size, has Eastman and great sciences. </p>