Suggestions for warm spring break trip

<p>My D. is a senior in college and has never taken a spring break trip with friends. A group of the girls wants to do something this March, but are having problems coming up with reasonable destinations (drive time and cost). They would be leaving from SW Virginia. They looked into cruises, but is too pricey for some of the girls when you add the air fare. Now they are looking for a place they can drive to that wouldn't be too crazy with college students, but would still have lots of young people and activities. Have any of your children gone to some fun places for break that would be within day or so drive for them?</p>

<p>My D has been going to Isle of Palms, SC for part of her break for the last three years. There's an ultimate frisbee tournament down there, and a whole bunch of the UF players go. I'm sure they have a good time, but I don't think there's any wildness on the order of some of the Florida beach towns.</p>

<p>Driver, do you think the SC beaches/water are warm enough in March? The girls say that they really want to have some "veg-out" time on the beach.</p>

<p>SC beaches are not warm enough in March. I'm from NC and have spent many a spring break freezing at Myrtle Beach. One year it even snowed there in late March!</p>

<p>I recommend southern Florida if the girls cannot afford a cruise and are hoping for warm beach weather. Yes, it is wild in many of the beach towns, but I'm sure they could probably find a location that is less popular with the college crowd than Fort Lauderdale, etc. (I did go to Ft. Lauderdale back in the late 70s and had a blast, but nowadays I would not want my child to go there. "Wild" and "crazy" have new definitions these days!)</p>

<p>My own college student always chooses to spend her spring breaks in very unlikely places for most college kids. Freshman year she and her friends went to Washington, D.C., and NYC. Then, sophomore year they all went to Williamsburg, Va. Needless to say, I don't worry a bit about the "wild and crazy" factor when I know they are on tours with families and senior citizens each day!</p>

<p>The Florida Panhandle will be closer than SOuthern Florida, and while you probably only want to dip a toe in the water, the beach will be fine. Rain can be an issue, but that will be a problem anywhere. The Destin area offers plenty of things to do, slightly tackier go to Panama City, slightly fancier Sandestin/Seaside/Watercolor, quiet and beautiful Grayton Beach. </p>

<p>It is not too far if they go through Chattanooga and Gadsden from SW Va.</p>

<p>Key West is both fun and has some interesting things to see unlike most beach destinations. Good weather too.</p>

<p>Thanks for suggestions--I passed them on.</p>

<p>My college age S(who has been to every beach in NC and SC) spent some time in Fernandina Beach, FLA this past June and said it was the nicest beach he had ever been to (except Mexico) and Jacksonville is not far away.</p>

<p>Thanks Packmom, that's one I have never heard of--will suggest to her to do some searching on it. We live in NC, but more towards the mountains and really have never gone to the beach before May.</p>

<p>My freshman year of college I went on a cheap Spring Break trip with the Outdoors club at Pitt. We went down to Key West and Key Largo and camped the whole time. Key Largo seems it may fit the bill nicely for them. They could camp on the beach in a quiet setting and have fun in the sun. If they aren't into camping, I'm sure there are other options as well. However, my it was one of my favorite camping trips...nothing beats sleeping in a tent on sand (except maybe a tempurpedic bed :p)!</p>

<p>Clearwater Beach on the west coast of Florida is typically a mix of college kids and families during spring break. Both the tourists and the water are much calmer than on the east coast.</p>

<p>Miami. Wild or mild as you like--and a true 'destination' with cool things to see and do and eat.</p>

<p>I'd rec. going to Florida. During college we went to west palm beach, miami, and daytona. Daytona was during Bike Week so it was insane there.. def. check the events going on before they decide to go somewhere.</p>