Suggestions/recipes for food to be frozen?

<p>I will be leaving in a couple of days to spend a long weekend at my mother's house. She has been hospitalized twice in the past two weeks, but is doing better and will probably be released tomorrow. The bulk of her care (which has included round-the-clock attendance in her hospital room) has fallen on two of my sisters, who live in the area (one lives with her). Besides caring for my mother and giving my sisters a break, I'd like to cook and freeze as many meals as possible while I'm there. My mother will be on a special diet, so I am looking mainly for things that I can make for my sisters to eat while they're taking care of her during a long recovery. </p>

<p>Any suggestions for healthy foods that freeze/reheat well? And what is the best way to freeze food - plastic containers? Ziploc bags?</p>

<p>Soups that are not cream based. Vegetable, chili, etc.</p>

<p>Spaghetti sauce and meatballs.</p>

<p>Stuffed shells. </p>

<p>Vegetable lasagna.</p>

<p>Cookies. :) Seriously, a little sweet that's easy to grab.</p>

<p>Seasoned taco meat in small containers.</p>

<p>When my kids are away at school, I will put left overs in a cheap plastic container and freeze them. They are more than happy to take them back to school. I have asked them to let me know if some of them don't freeze well and so far, they have not found anything they wouldn't eat.</p>

<p>Things I have found that work best, however, are things like stews.</p>

<p>At school I like to make this coconut curry chicken recipe on the weekends, and then portion it into 1-2 servings in ziploc bags and freeze it. When I want to eat it I'll just cook a pot of rice and heat up the curry (I usually heat it in a bowl; I don't like putting plastic things in the microwave)</p>

<p>Curried</a> Coconut Chicken Recipe -
I usually add whatever vegetables I have on hand (eggplant, mushrooms, broccoli, etc.) to increase the veggie content.</p>

<p>One of my roommates' mom sent her a box of frozen soups; her mom had prepared the soups and then put it into ziploc bags and frozen them so that they formed slabs. I don't know how good they tasted, but they sure smelled good when my roommate was heating them up!</p>

<p>My mom is the queen of freeze. She does turkey breast, slices and freezes. She does a roast, slices and freezes. She does a pork loin, slices and freezes. When she passes away I won't have to worry about making food for a crowd. Mom will have everything ready. She also makes and freezes gravy or juice. In fact, she buys good bread and guess what? Slices and freezes!</p>

<p>Anyway - I am a vegetarian who occasionally eats fish, so what she makes wouldn't work for me, but really she can have a nice meal ready with little effort. She often re-heats meat in crockpot with the gravy or juice. She throws some of those microwave baking potatoes in and gets some veggies, frozen or otherwise, and she is set. </p>

<p>Good luck and bless you for giving such practical help to your sisters.</p>

<p>Try goggling Frozen Assets for receipes that freeze well, then you can pick the things your sisters would like to eat.
It's sooo nice of you to think of your sisters. I hope your mom improves.</p>

<p>Thank you all for the recipes and suggestions! The Frozen Assets website was very helpful. That coconut curry chicken recipe looks incredible! And I like the idea of roasting a turkey breast, pork loin, slicing and freezing.</p>

<p>I leave tomorrow, armed with recipes and ideas. My mother was released from the hospitla today.</p>

<p>Thank you all!</p>

<p>NYMomof2 - see your screen name doesn't say it all - NYdaughter as well!</p>