<p>I'm a rising senior and i'm trying to find some good engineering schools to look at. I live in central mass and i'm not sure if i want to stay local yet. I've looked at RPI and WPI so far and liked them alot. I'm going to UNH soon and will also be looking at Tufts. I'm planning to go down to the Philadelphia region to look at Villanova and probably Lehigh.</p>

<p>I want a smaller school, probably under 7,000, and im not sure the type of engineering i want. I'm looking for a school that has a medium/large engineering program so that if i dont like a type of engineering i can switch.</p>

<p>i'm in the top 10% of my class, my grades are very good, but my SAT scores dont reflect that...</p>

<p>any suggestions of good schools?</p>

<p>CMU is very good for engineering, has a good number of majors to choose from. About 5500 undergrads (plus 4k grad students).</p>


<p>cmu would be horrible for him if he wants a school where he can easily switch majors. I'm not saying cmu is a bad school, it is an excellent school, but with their engineering once you choose a major you are pretty much set in that major and if you decide to change, it would be close to starting all over again</p>

<p>True, however you take two inrto to eng. courses your freshman year (ie cheme and meche) so you get to see how each one is - no real switching needed. I agree though that once you commit to a major, you're essentially stuck there.</p>


<p>well first off...</p>

<p>im a girl :)</p>

<p>but i think cmu would probably be a reach for me...i heard it was very competitive to get into</p>