Summer 2008 Research Programs for High School Seniors

<p>Hi, I'm from Chicago, and wanted to do some research this summer because it seems interesting and a worthwhile activity to pursue rather than doing nothing this summer.</p>

<p>If anyone knows any programs that schools or research institutes offer for high school seniors, please let me know, thanks!</p>

<p>i wanted to research too, but many deadlines have already passed :(</p>

<p>i remember when i went to my guidance counselor in 10th grade she gave me a a bunch of contacts and program names. I ended going to Brown for 7 weeks, taking credit bearing courses. It wasn't research but she presented me with alot of research opportunities as well. Stony Brook has a program for high school students, NIH Student training opps, Baylor has one, BU... etc. But the deadline for all the research based opportunities are long past. Some summer programs at undergrads are still open though.</p>

<p>I will talk to my counselor next week, since it's spring break this week, but really all the deadlines passed :( I know one in Argonne, IL ,but the commute would be nearly impossible for me since it's about 1.5 hours to and from my home...</p>

<p>any other IL hospitals/research places offer research? please let me know, thanks</p>

<p>ppsshh its your last summer before college... coast</p>

<p>lol I know I was thinking that, but I have coasted like so many summers, I think I am done with chillin out until college lol</p>

<p>seriously, I need to get a job or do something useful, is there a way I can be a EMT or something medically useful??? any suggestions since my parents dont want me to do something constructive, and I agree</p>

<p>like I know pharmacy students become pharm tech's is there anything like that for hopeful doctors BESIDES VOLUNTEERING????</p>

<p>lol I have done so much volunteering, I want to do other stuff this summer too, and also if I get paid for a job, that will help for college....</p>