Summer 2012 Housing options freshman female

<p>Summer 2012 Housing options</p>


<p>A female classmate of mine just got accepted for Summer 2012 and she asked for my opinion for housing options for an incoming female freshman for the summer term. Since I am uncertain as to which dorms are open during summer and I would love to talk to this girl again,,,,any suggestions will be sincerely appreciated !!!! Thanks</p>

<p>The summer term is only 6 weeks long so it won't really make much difference which dorm she is in, she'll be in and out almost before she can unpack her luggage; she'll get a different room assignment for fall. The dorms used for summer are the newer, nicer dorms so she'll be okay in any of them.</p>

<p>Juniper-Poplar are the only ones open for summer.</p>