Summer 2021 College/University Visits Buckeye State

Hello everyone,

So we are planning a week of visiting schools in Ohio with our son who will be a Junior. Any thoughts or experiences with the schools below,
would love to hear:

Ohio University (Athens)

Miami University at Ohio (Oxford)

University of Dayton

Xavier University (thanks ubumble)

Case Western Reserve (definitely a reach but was told to check it out)

Thanks in advance.

From the Stone Age…

I’m a proud Ohio University graduate. I did a visit there about five years ago with some college classmates. The campus and town look fabulous. Lots of new buildings, and well maintained older ones. Excellent allied health professions with a wonderful facility. Terrific college town feel!

Case Western is near where I grew up. It’s is an urban college campus…very different from OU. Also excellent facilities, and close to the cultural things in Cleveland…theater, orchestra, museums. Very strong in most academic areas.

Miami in Oxford Ohio has long been viewed as the sort of LAC of the Ohio public universities. Oxford is a nice college town. School is well regarded.

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If you are going to go to Xavier, I would add on U of Cincinnati.

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You could do a self tour of Ohio State. There is usually visitor parking in the garages at the Ohio Union. Walk west to Mirror Lake (it’s actually a small pond), north to Thompson Library then east across the Oval and you’d be back just north of the Ohio Union parking garages.

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Ohio Wesleyan in Delaware, OH

Otterbein University in Westerville, OH

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