Summer before 10th grade

<p>I need to be productive for my application over the summer and sitting around and relaxing is killing me. It is only the first day of summer vacation and I'm dying already. What programs are out there that I can still do? I am interested in science. I also don't have any history of leadership.</p>

<p>If volunteering is the only thing left to do, how should I do it? And would volunteering look better than say Brown's summer program? </p>

<p>Is it still possible for me to sign up for a summer program even though school is out and there are no teachers to write me recommendations?</p>

<p>I cannot get a job because of my age so please do not suggest that.</p>

<p>I don't think there are that many summer programs still available, and I do think that volunteering would look better than Brown's summer program (correct me if I'm wrong, of course) as long as it pertains to your interests. If you want to volunteer somewhere, contact them and ask if they could use your help.</p>

<p>If that doesn't work out, you might also look into taking some classes at your local CC or taking online classes.</p>

<p>Well, I know you don't want me to suggest it, but I had a job at a local soup and sandwich shop last summer (age 15) and through the fall and into this year. I have to say that job experience looks GREAT on a college app, no matter the school you apply to - especially good schools. Plus, it's necessary experience.</p>

<p>So I suggest you lose some of the stubborness and get out there and look for a local job at a small place...not like Best Buy or Target, start small, there really is no 16+ hiring age in many states and 15 is perfectly legal at that level.</p>

<p>^ I am not being stubborn, there are simply no job openings for my age. My sister applied to everywhere at age 16 and she was only offered one job, which was seasonal.</p>