Summer before Senior year -- suggestions?

<p>So, it's technically my last summer, and I want to make it productive. </p>

<p>All I have set in stone is attending a summer seminar in Exploring Entrepreneurship at USC for the month of July. </p>

<p>Of course, the random SAT prep/college app prep stuff and summer homework is also on my list of to-dos. </p>

<p>Any suggestions? Help would be appreciated!
(I'm planning to major in Business/Communications/Marketing, if that helps any...)</p>

<p>I'm also planning on majoring in Business, so here are my suggestions:
-Visit some business schools that you're interested in going to.
-Try interning at some local businesses to get an idea of how things work.
-Do some activities in other subjects to see if business is best for you (try interning at a lab to see if you'd like to do science or something like that)</p>