Summer Camps 2012 at DAAP

<p>They are expanding the Summer Camp opportunities for high school students this year, and including a camp from the School of Architecture and Interior Design, called, not surprisingly, Architecture and Interior Design. The other week long summer camps totally focus on a single area, such as Fashion Design, Graphic Communication Design, Industrial Design. Although I understand that during the first year in SAID, both programs take the same classes together, I'm wondering whether a week of summer camp spread across both programs will (1) offer an equal amount of time for students interested in just Interior Design, and vice-versa, and (2) whether there will be any separate sessions for the IntD-focused students, and the Architecture-focused students? Seems too diffuse otherwise, especially since the other camps are more focused.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any further information on what is being considered for the Architecture and Interior Design Camp? Or any of the camps really. There are other summer camps out there that I am considering, and registration for those is available now.</p>