Summer Class question

<p>Ok, well I sort of have a lot I want to accomplish while in college and will be a freshman next year. I am taking a small little class thing this summer for 3 credits, otherwise I would have looked at taking summer classes, either at the university, or a local one.</p>

<p>However, my university only allows 10 credits/three classes to be transfered from an outside university once i have attended the school. 10 credit hours is also the maximum allowed to take a summer at my school. My question is, would it be better to take the three classes over the summer at a different, cheaper school, which is like.. over $1,000 cheaper, for one summer, and if I need to take more I can do those the other summers at my school. Obviously, I would make sure they would accept them. But, would it be better to take classes that are more into the Gen ed category rather than major/minor classes I imagine?</p>