summer classes for Transfer students, other questions...

<p>Hey everyone, I have two questions that I couldnt find a clear answer to.</p>

<p>1.) can transfer students take summer classes at a second school(2)(not the one I'm currently at(1)), and have them transfer to a third school((3), school I'm transferring to)???</p>

<p>^^^sorry if its confusing, kinda hard to explain</p>

<p>2.) How hard are summer courses really? I'm going to be attending a "selective"(per USNWR) second-thirdish tier school for Calc I(first session - 5 weeks/4days per week), then Calc II(second session - "). thoughts??</p>

<p>2.) how do two part classes work? If I take a class that has two parts(A & B), can those transfer into just one class at the school I wanna transfer to?</p>


<p>i'm in the same position you're in, and the sense i've gotten is that once you enroll at your transfer school, they evaluate how many/what credit to give you, whether your existing credits come from the school you're currently enrolled in or from a summer program... i.e. it depends on your transfer school, and how they would look at the summer program even if you weren't a transfer student, though i guess they could be more lenient because you are one</p>

<p>Calc 1 isn't a very hard class, but the problem with summer classes is they suck. I'm a hard working student but I took summer courses and hated it! A break from school is necessary or you'll start to go nuts, I LIKE school and I still managed to hate summer classes, and then I didn't want to go back. Calc 1 will transfer to any school so you don't have to worry about that.</p>

<p>Make sure that you find out how many credits the school you are transferring to, will take. On top of that some schools will not let you take summer classes if they have admitted you as a transfer. They want you to come in during the Fall with your last classes having been in the past spring at your old college.</p>

<p>Agree with the information you've been given above. Basically, you usually won't know exactly what will transfer and what won't until you have been accepted (there are some exceptions).</p>

<p>Maybe you will know where you are transferring before you have to pay for the summer course? Then you can contact your specific transfer school for a reading on this issue, when they can look at the actual course catalog for the school where you will take the summer course.</p>

<p>If you need to enroll/pay for the summer course before you know where you will transfer, I would suggest contacting the transfer school(s) where you Most Want to Go and/or Most Likely Will Go and ask this specific qx with exact info re summer course/school where you will take it/# weeks it runs, etc.</p>

<p>Some schools don't look at <em>some</em> summer terms as equivalent to full semesters.</p>

<p>Another thought: what is the reason you are considering the summer course?</p>

<p>To get a Gen Ed out of the way? Then that might be a good idea assuming you can transfer the credits AND it will count for the Gen Ed requirement at the new school.</p>

<p>Because you need it as a prereq in your major or a closely related field? Then you might want to think about whether you will get a good enough foundation for the advanced courses. Not saying you won't, just that you want to think about it carefully. The transfer college may take this into consideration in deciding whether to grant (a) credit (b) fulfillment of the prereq.</p>

<p>you bring up a good point about the difficulty of the courses at each respective school. I just sent in the transfer form to the office here, so they are in the process of reviewing whether the courses are comparable with the ones here. Just taking a look at the course catalog, they seem similar.</p>

<p>Plus, this way, if i need to take Calc III next fall, I wont have to worry about forgetting material over summer. </p>

<p>It's 4 days/week - 2hr15min per meeting, in case you wanna know.</p>

<p>I will contact the schools I'm applying to, thanks</p>

<p>calc I isnt hard. im taking calc II now.
im in the same situation, plus im an international student.
it will just get more complicated.
i will talk about that with my advisor in april.
(after i get the acceptance letter from the uni that im transferring)</p>

<p>i think as long as all of the unis that you attended can send your transcripts to the one you will transfering,,it will be fine.</p>

<p>This reply is only going to answer your question 2)</p>

<p>For what it's worth, I took a 6-week Calc I class that overlapped right in the middle of an 8-week second semester General Chemistry class. The chemistry class was much more difficult and took the bulk of my time (I didn't get much sleep that summer).</p>

<p>To be honest, the Calc I class seemed easy because there was more computation and less application (my feeling with the math classes I've taken in general). I don't think I really learned Calc I until I took physics.</p>

<p>These classes were taken at two different community colleges during the same summer.</p>