Summer Classes

<p>Hey guys, I'm currently a junior in high school. I was wondering if I could take summer classes at my community college and get some credits before graduating from high school, is this possible?
Also I'd like a clarification on this, my friend told me that is I taking summer school, then apply to a university,they will count me as a transfer student? What's the pros and cons of being a transfer student?</p>

<p>Some community colleges allow you to 'dual enroll'. Some have restrictions on this too. Where I live, you can only dual enroll if you're a senior or have exhausted the subject area at your school, and you have to get the principals permission first.
It depends on the college whether or not you have to apply as a transfer student. Some make you do so if you've taken any college, and then others if you've taken it after highschool graduation. You'll have to check with the ones you're applying to.<br>
Some colleges are easier to get into as a transfer and others are more difficult. Again, it depends.<br>
Hope this helped.</p>