Summer course at UT?

<p>Hello, can someone explain to me in detail about what students who plan to take summer course usually do at UT? What kind of courses are offered? Thx!</p>

<p>A lot of the core classes are offered and also classes that are historically hard to get into. Students who plan to take 2 courses during the summer at UT usually are recommended to take only 1 class for the first 5 weeks and then another if they want to the next session. It's not impossible to take 2 at the same time but it's kind of hard because it's really fast paced and you have a test in each course almost every week. I managed but my grades definitely suffered. </p>

<p>Summer at UT is very fun. There's a lot going on and a lot of students choose to stay and take courses during the summer for the 1st session (even at ACC) because most people's leases don't expire until the end of July anyway. </p>

<p>Let me know if you need any other answers :)</p>

<p>That's relieving. Where can I see the list of courses available during Summer at UT?</p>

<p>For each semester, the course catalogue is published the semester previous so Spring is available in Fall, and Summer available in Spring.</p>

<p>You can see the courses available during Summer 2010 to get a better idea of what's available.</p>

<p>Course</a> Schedules | Registrar | University of Texas at Austin</p>