Summer Course:Geometry vs. Computer Science

<p>I'm planning on taking geometry honors and computer science next year. Do you think I should take a practice course in geometry or computer science? I've not learnt either. Let me add, I have a geometry book at home, but I'm not sure if self-studying is good for a tough course. What should I pick?</p>

<p>geometry is so easy</p>

<p>I've heard from others that it's hard, so I wanted to have extra practice just in case. Do you think I should take computer science over the summer?</p>


<p>Geometry isn't really "hard". It's mostly formulas and some foreign concepts that you should be able to understand if you pay attention and ask questions if you need help. I wouldn't take the geometry course, I would go with computer science. But I'm slightly biased because I love computer science and wish I could take the course. Either way, I hope things work out!</p>

<p>I think you should take something else it seems like kind of a waste of time to take a class twice...</p>

<p>I just wanted practice before the class started, so I wouldn't have trouble understanding the concepts.</p>


<p>I would take the geometry course over the summer and then move on to the next level of mathematics during the school year. If you plan on taking geometry the following year just take th CS course. I thought Geometry was hard at the beginning of the course but towards the end it got easier.</p>

<p>So you're saying that I should take the geometry course if it's for a credit, but if it's not, just take the CS course?</p>


<p>Just take the geometry course for credit and move on the the next level of math next year.</p>

<p>Our county is different where you only get credit if the course is county approved. The county approved courses are online, and I would have to work 7 hours a day, so I just wanted some light practice over the summer. So, I'm leaning towards taking geometry over the summer to make it easier during the school year. Thanks for your response.</p>