Summer Gateways

<p>Anybody going to orientation tomorrow? I am interested to see if anybody on this site is going and what to expect/how was your experience for those who have already been.</p>

<p>We had a nice time at the first one, sessions a bit long, not so much that they were an hour, but how many in a row. You should not have ANY questions when you leave! ; )
My D was able to discuss her classes, get her ID, bank setup, etc. but also met some very nice students and faculty.
I hope you have a great time!</p>

<p>Just got back from Gateways. It was awkward at first because I really didn't know anybody. The HC orientation leaders did, however, do a good job building a feeling of community. My high school really focused on this because it was Jesuit as well so I felt right at home. Overall, it was a good experience.</p>

<p>My daughter felt the same way at first, but by day 2. she was comfortable and albeit tired, had a good time. I told her real friends take time, but everyone is basically friendly, which is a good start.</p>

<p>I was tired too. I went to bed at 2AM and was woken up by an air horn and a basket ball thrown against my door by the orientation leaders at 7.</p>

<p>I heard there was a horn but she said the pumpkin pancakes made up for it. :)</p>