Summer housing for interns at BU

<p>Does anyone here have experience with staying in the internship housing? IE: costs.</p>

<p>I am trying to get some idea of how much it costs to stay at BU in their summer housing for students with internships which seems like it is different than housing for students taking classes, according to their website. The website for interns has extremely little info and I’ve called twice and gotten even less help. They say to fill out application to get the details, but my daughter has to decide whether or not to accept an internship ASAP and we want to make sure she has a place to live.</p>

<p>[Summer</a> internship housing » BU Housing » Boston University](<a href=“]Summer”></p>

<p>Try using the contact page there to get info. Also, one the right hand menu, there is a tab that says “rates.” That may help.</p>