Summer housing in Boston - help!

Our S19 just got an offer for an internship in Boston this summer, near MIT. Looking for housing to start late May. He’s looking into dorm rooms at Suffolk U and BU but they might be full. Any other suggestions on places to stay or how to find an apartment to sublet for 10-12 weeks? The dorms cost $70/day. Would be great to stay around that budget but could spend more if the place is near enough to MIT and offers more space than a dorm room.

Northeastern dorms are an option you should check out. May be too late thought.

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Ugh. Lots of kids just getting offers now. He can’t be the only one. We will check out NEU.

There are usually facebook sublet groups for each school. Check there.

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Tough area to look and fills up fast. S16 actually declined an internship offer in that area due in part to housing availability/cost. If you find something I wouldn’t wait long on closing on it. Great internship opportunities up there but housing is tough.

Please update when u can…

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Thanks. No way he’s turning down this opportunity so he’ll need to find something!

My daughter and friend are subleasing an apartment from BU students from May - august for $1300 each. Maybe check for college Facebook pages? They got a list of subleases from students in their graduate program.

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Yes. Thanks. I’ll try. Parent FB pages generally don’t let anyone but parents join. I have been able to search BU summer sublets, Cambridge summer sublets, etc.

Anyone with a lead, let me know!

Try craigslist apartments or temporary sublets. Also try putting “summer” in the search bar on craigslist. Don’t panic. Lots of sublets will be coming up, and affordable. I think young people tend to post closer to the date!

I am an older adult and have sublet in Cambridge for three summers. Long story. I never have any problem finding a place, and situations with roommates are even easier to find.

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MIT fraternities rent out empty rooms for super cheap. You may need to know someone at that particular frat, but have your son check his network to see who is a friend of a friend who can get him a space. The buildings are not owned by U but the students will know who to talk to…Most are on the Cambridge side of the river, a few on the Boston side near BU.


Have you looked at Emmanuel College? Their summer rate is around that rate. There is also this company

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haven’t looked at either of those. Thanks!

There is a MIT housing, rooms, apartments for rent, sublets, roommates FB group that is public. Try looking there.


Thanks. MIT’s dorm housing is only for MIT students but I’ll look for the FB group of sublets.

Try subletting for the summer. He can also look into Airbnb’s- my daughter has been in one now for 7 weeks (different city) while waiting for her new apt.


Boston Intern Housing & Dorms For Interns In Boston (

Best of luck to your son!

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This Found Study place looks really nice. Do you know anyone who has used this company?

I don’t, but I have read and heard about the company in other places. I lived in Boston for a while (still have friends in the general area) and I know the area where their building is and it’s safe, plus it’s a manageable walk over the bridge or a quick bus ride.

ETA: IMO, I think it is a good option, and something I would consider for my D, if she were in your S’s situation.

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Thanks! Checking to see if they have availability. :wink:

It’s very tough to find an Airbnb in Greater Boston, and they are very expensive.

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