Summer housing in NYC?

<p>My son was going to intern in Chicago this summer, and the job just got moved to New York City! Anyone know of a summer sublet in New York City? Most of the college dorms seem booked up. Thanks for any leads...</p>

<p>My d got a sublet through Craigs List.</p>

<p>Yes, he is starting to look on Craig's List.</p>

<p>D1 stayed here last summer. Not sure if there is still rooms available, but maybe they'll have some cancellations. She loved the location in Chelsea and the rooms are air conditioned.
Student</a> Services Housing :: Summer Housing :: NYC Summer Intern Housing</p>

<p>Oldfort, Thanks for the link; the suites and location do look good. However, they are full, and I think with three weeks to go he should line up something definitively, somewhere.</p>

<p>Have you tried NYU summer housing?</p>

<p>The NYU site has these links for other alternatives. They seem to work without having to login as a student.
Off</a> Campus Services
Short</a> Term (Off Campus Services)</p>

<p>In case the links don't work, they are (but without spaces):
<a href="http://www"&gt;www&lt;/a>. nyu. edu/ housing /offcampus/
<a href="http://www"&gt;www&lt;/a>. nyu. edu/ housing /offcamput/ lodging/ shortterm/</p>

<p>Look at International House, just north of Columbia.</p>

<p>International</a> House - New York - Summer Student Housing</p>