Summer housing in Washington, D.C.

<p>A good friend's daughter just got an internship for 12 weeks in D.C. this summer. Anyone have any information on finding affordable safe housing? Thanks!!</p>

<p>Try craigslist.</p>

<p>Also, I have a vague memory of some sort of summer housing thing that law schools put together, where people could advertise rooms, etc., available for the summer. Perhaps her college career office can help find something like that.</p>

<p>Finding affordable AND safe housing is not that easy in DC anymore -- finding a room is probably her best bet. Also, she should consider the close-in suburbs, just make sure she can walk to the subway.</p>

<p>gw university rents its dorms for the summer--they aren't cheap, but they are safe and very centrally located. georgetown, american, udc, gallaudet, and howard may do the same, but i'm not sure.</p>

<p>I think that there are some nuns affiliated with Catholic who rent rooms in their convent. Your daughter should ask Catholic about that.</p>

<p>She also should check the classifieds in the student newspapers at all Washington colleges because many students sublet their apartments over the summer. She needs to start on this quickly, however, because housing is tight and expensive in D.C.</p>

<p>As a reference - NYU's summer housing starts at $135/week (double/triple bedroom-no airconditioning) to $285/week (airconditioned single). It is less if you are taking summer courses at the school.</p>

<p>Georgetown has housing for non GU interns but the arrangements are much less flexible. </p>

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<p>Just a note -- Georgetown is not the most convenient location if you need to take the Metro. In the best case, you will be a 20 min walk from Dupont Circle or Foggy Bottom stations (not bad, but that's assuming you're on the eastern edge of Georgetown). alternatively, you'd have to take the bus to the metro. So your friend's daughter needs to first consider where her internship is.</p>

<p>GW is a much better option -- it's right at the Foggy Bottom metro stop.</p>

<p>The interning student could also check out the company/organization that offered the internship - they may have good info also.</p>

<p>American's Park Bethesda does have housing - very expensive, not close to a Metro, and I think you need to provide your own furniture.</p>

<p>Rhonda is talking about the directories (I think), which, at least now, are only open to law students and lawyers. </p>

<p>Perhaps she could try to contact GW, Georgetown, and American - I'm sure that the universities have students who desperately want to sublet their places for the summer.</p>

<p>Here is a link to a page with student housing links in NYC and Washington. I am bookmarking it myself to pass on to my daughter in the future. I hope that it is helpful.</p>

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