summer housing is in :D

<p>I got a single in cawthon. anyone been in that hall before? likes, dislikes?</p>

<p>also, how is it haunted. I'm pretty sure that when I went to orientation and went on the "ghost tour" they said the girl who was sunbathing was on deviney or dorman. idr exactly but I know that we were in that area when she was telling the story plus I remember it looked like one of those dorms. someone is lying...</p>

<p>Here's a link; which most repeat the same story - I bet it's an urban legend because only links of this type carry the "story". ;)</p>

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<p>"According to a story reported in the University newspaper (The Florida Flambeau) during the summer of 1971, numerous students have related encounters over the years with a poltergeist in the old dormitory. According to the report, several years prior to the University's becoming co-ed in 1949, a female student was sunbathing on a balcony on the roof of the shadowy gothic building. As is typical in Florida, a sudden and particularly violent thunderstorm arose to the east of the building, and welled up ominously over the campus. Although the sky directly above the dormitory was blue, a freak lightning bolt snaked across the sky, curling over the building's turrets striking the sunbathing female student, killing her instantly. Since that time, subsequent occupants of the room she occupied have reported mysterious object movements, unexplained sounds in the room at night, and at times an overwhelming sense of another individual present in the room. Sometimes students would find that common items, such as stacks of books or pictures, would be moved around during the day, with no apparent rhyme or reason, other than perhaps a restless spirit seeking to maintain her link with the world of the living."</p>

<p>Allegedly, she "haunts" the room she occupied - which could have been in a different dorm.</p>

<p>Westcott is haunted as well.</p>

<p>I know this is unrelated, but I saw an AVIS link on the FSU website. Are students allowed to rent cars from there?</p>

<p>I lived in Cawthon for Summer, Fall, and Spring last year. I believe it's the best dorm on campus. It's nicely renovated, has decent sized rooms, but what makes it great is its location. You are right next door to the library, right on Landis Green, not too far from the union, and pretty much right on Tennessee Street (though the walk to the popular restaurants such as Moes, Momos, Mr. Robots, Jimmy Johns, etc are about fifteen or so mins away). </p>

<p>All of the summer dorms are nice though.</p>

<p>cool cool. I don't believe in ghosts or anything but I was just wondering why one person says one thing when a website says another. plus isn't the roof on cawthon slanted? w/e anyway, I'm surprised I got a single. Who else got their housing assignment for summer? I wanna know where you guys are at :D I really liked wildwood during orientation. it's conveniently located near the gym and the student life center. I hope I end up there eventually. maybe sophomore yr :)</p>

<p>Tina- what was your priority number for summer?</p>

<p>you know I don't think they have priority #s for summer...I signed up the same time I signed up for fall and for fall my # was in the 6000's</p>

<p>we did have priority numbers. Mine was in the thousands and I got my first choice.</p>

<p>well damn. I really don't know. I don't even remember what I put down as my choices...all the dorms available in the summer are nice anyway.</p>

<p>i just got it in the mail. single in gilchrist. :)</p>

<p>Which floor are you on?</p>