summer interns

<p>i was wondering for penn students, wharton in particular, the percentages or numbers them getting summer internships and ib firms. and im not asking only about the summer after junior year, but also the summers after sophomore and freshmen years. is there anywhere i can find out exact numbers, especially of those of sophomores and freshmen</p>

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<p>tenebrousfire, thank you for that. however, those are only statistics of students in the summer after junior year, between junior and senior year. how can i find out about the freshmen and sophomores who get internships after their years.</p>

<p>um, you can probably ask the career services office, but i'm pretty sure those statistics are not collected formally</p>

<p>Tene's right. They don't collect statistics about post-freshman and sophomore year employment. Those numbers would be tiny - most places only take in interns because they can hire them full-time at the end of the summer, which means that only junior-year-summer numbers are tracked.</p>