Summer Internship in Bay Area, CA

<p>I'm a rising senior in the silicon valley bay area who's looking for an internship opportunity this summer. I'm interested in international relations and potentially international law or business. I would be interested in internships in the general field of law or business as well. Does anybody know of places I could check out?</p>

<li><p>Check out your career resource center and see if they have anything out there. </p></li>
<li><p>Go to your career fair or career fairs near you.</p></li>
<li><p>Apply online to any companies that interest you.</p></li>

<p>will do--thank you!</p>

<p>Amazing! In the same boat as you... did you have any luck?</p>

<p>Hey, did any of you guys hear anything or are you guys interning anywhere? I'd love to know for future reference !</p>


<p>I am rising senior in San Jose and just landed an internship with a major software company as a financial planner & analyst. I applied online "" and received several interviews. If you can not find an internship, volunteer! I know internships are hard to come by around now but you can always volunteer related to your field of study. </p>

<p>I too couldn't find internship and started community service related to my field of study and from there on I was able to land several internships.</p>

<p>If anybody's interested, Scottrade located in San Mateo is looking for an intern. The pay is $12. If anybody is interested, check out their main website.</p>

<p>latestgood, that is extremely impressive. Can you describe how you received that opportunity? Online job search websites, while helpful, have not been too effective for me.</p>