Summer Internship @ Lockheed Martin

Hi, I was wondering if Lockheed Marin had any High School internships and if so where would i find the link to apply


I believe there are opportunities for high school students with them. A quick Google search led me to some stories but not an exact link. What about Lockheed Martin interests you? What area of work are you looking to be involved in? I am aware of high school programs with the Army Research Lab which might be similar to what you are looking for if you are not set on Lockheed Martin.

Just know that opportunities grow as your skill set does. High school students, even students early n college, don’t tend to have much in the way of technical expertise to offer. The bulk of the programs accessible by HS and early college students are aimed at exposing underrepresented groups to engineering and CS. Good luck, but don’t be discouraged if nothing materializes.

I just Googled Lockheed Martin high school internships; the third LM link down goes to the HS opportunities via There are over 200 internships in many different careers and parts of the country.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but in this day of the internet you should really try to look things up yourself before asking others for help. I’d understand if you had Googled “Lockheed Martin high school internships” and every possible variation and gotten nothing, but it took me literally one search to find the information you’re seeking, so it doesn’t seem like you bothered. Future bosses want employees who take initiative and don’t ask them for information they could have found with a quick internet search. Same goes for asking questions of college admissions officers; you should only ask if you’ve already tried researching the information yourself and still can’t find it.


I am looking for engineering and Computer science roles and working for the Us government in a stem capacity. Last year I interned at NASA and am part of the First robotics and Mate robotics competitions so I feel that I will have the best shot in those disciples.

I found the same link at Lockheed martins website and Googled different variations but kept getting listings for college/uni students. Thanks for your advice nonetheless

Have you tried Northrop Grumman? Similar to LM. Are you looking for just summer? My D has applied for a CS work-study program next year but it’s a year-long part-time job, only available to HS juniors (seniors when the job starts) who qualify for govt security clearance, and live within commuting distance of a few locations. Probably not what you are looking for, but figured I ask just in case.

Lockheed Martin internships are mostly invite-only for students that have won in their CS/cybersec comps. Feel free to PM for more info.