Summer Internships at CALTECH for CURRENT High School Sophomore?

<p>I'm currently a high school sophomore in West LA, and I'd really like to do some research or work or have some sort of internship at Caltech! </p>

<p>I wouldn't mind if it was unpaid</p>

<p>As far as my science stats go..
-currently taking AP Biology (have an A)
-212 on PSAT (67CR/70M/75W)
-honorable mention in a national science competition
-current GPA is around a 4.1 or 4.2.</p>

<p>I have lots of EC's like soccer, lacrosse, clubs, etc, but I don't think those really matter.</p>

<p>ANY help with be extremely kind and appreciated. Thanks a lot :)</p>

<p>happy holidays!</p>

<p>bump bummp ANYONE??!? please ..</p>

<p>I do not believe there are any formal internships for HS students, especially anything that is paid. That said, individual professors may be willing to guide and help HS school students, but then you would have to locate such a professor. If you have an area of interest, then you can look at the faculty profiles and contact Professors who are working on that field and they may be able to help or point you in that direction.</p>

I wouldn't mind if it was unpaid


<p>Paid reserach internships for HS students are few and far between but places like NIH do have some. I do not believe Caltech has them. Professors may have some money to pay but more likely they would reserve it for undergraduates.</p>

<p>you may want to look at this old thread</p>

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<p>thanks a lot :)</p>

<p>A lot of schools have NIH internships (ask your parents/relatives if they have anyone who works with them), there is SIMR and City of Hope internships in CA. Simple google: High</a> School Internships for internships. If you don't need paid, then you don't really need to go through a program to get an internship; contact professors and see if they need assistance.</p>

<p>SIMR and City of Hope need you to be a junior. </p>

<p>Caltech has a minority recruitment program called YESS which allows sophomores but it is more class oriented.</p>