Summer Internships/Programs with Late Deadlines


I’m currently a rising senior that is completely desperate for some kind of internship/program this summer. I got rejected from TASP earlier this year and have gotten nowhere good so far. Anybody have any suggestions for internship/programs that 1) don’t cost too much money (Free is even better!) and 2) provides boarding or is around the DC area? Any internships related to humanities or science is appreciated. Thanks!

Actually the geographic location isn’t a huge factor, but any suggestions of prestigious summer programs that are still accepting admissions will be greatly appreciated.

You don’t need something prestigious – you need something that sets YOU apart from the crowd. Students who make their own opportunities (find something local that really plays to their interests, for example) are actually going to be more in demand than those from almost any program. Colleges are looking for genuinely interested and interesting applicants – going to a summer program is really not a ticket into anywhere (the students who get into programs like TASP or RSI already are amazing in many other ways, honestly – the program is not a springboard for them, they are already making their own mark). You might benefit from grabbing “How to be a High School Superstar” by Cal Newport from the library and giving it a read over the weekend, then brainstorming ideas for this summer that will do you more good than any summer program.

The EPA has some volunteer internship positions open in DC. You should be able to apply–none of them say you have to be in college.

Not a “prestigious summer program”, but you can still do environmental and/or policy research.