Summer jobs for 14 yo?

Here they start at 16 to be certified, my oldest, varsity goalie, 6’1”, 200 pounds, couldn’t take the parents, his 5’10” 150 pound brother couldn’t care less.

Funny story re reffing: Well it was actually a softball umpire. DS umpire’d one year, and a friend of his, when one time parents got “too much” in his face, listened to what they had to say. Looked at his watch, and said “Time’s up, game over”. It was his call on the time, and perhaps if the parents hadn’t gotten in his face, the game might have continued… I was very proud of DS’s friend for keeping his cool, but making his point with the parent group ( the team associated with the parents who were complaining lost the game…)

And as another positive for recreation jobs in general, DS has been involved in rec jobs locally since late middle school. The work history helped him land a rec job in the city where he attends college (COVID notwithstanding) and they have held his position over summer and furloughed him last March, but still have him as an employee.

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I know a kid thrifting and reselling at that age.
Tutoring on zoom.

My kids worked as jr camp counselors at local day camps when they were 14-16. Also mothers helpers (keeping kids occupied during summer).

D20 taught swim lessons and coached at 14. She became a certified lifeguard when she turned 15. A lot of 14yo in our area worked at Chick-fil-A if they didn’t babysit.

You could use Upwork. That is more geared towards adults but teens are allowed. It is not huge money as they take 20% but it is more than Chick-fil-a or bagging.

You can choose what you “specialize” in such as story writing or letter writing. It goes as far as being a ghostwriter or collabing on a start-up business. You choose your pay and what jobs you want to take. Additionally, before applying for a job, they will tell you the amount of time required. For example, a project may ask for 3 weeks with an hour spent a day.

It is a really cool platform that you may want to check out. I am sure there are others but this was the largest one I could find.