Summer Jobs: What are you doing?

<p>As most college students do, I have been looking for a summer job. Since I'm a nursing major, I wanted to do something nursing related. My first choice, being a hospital aide fell through as did my second and third choices, also in medical facilities.</p>

<p>Because of this, I figured that I would be back in retail (I can't do food service). In the past 2 days, I have applied to 8 stores and I was hoping to have a job within 2 weeks.</p>

<p>Well...all of those applications turned out to be pointless because last night, one of the women from my church called me and offered me a job in her and her husband's dental office. She said I would be doing things like sterilizing supplies and instruments and cleaning rooms etc. along with some paperwork/filing and that she would teach me all about infection control and whatnot.</p>

<p>I am so stoked! This will be just about perfect considering that the jobs really related to my major didn't work out. It's in a health care setting, the right number of hours per week (24, and I was looking for about 20-28), and with bosses who I love! I'll also be getting $8/hour which is totally decent for someone only a year removed from high school with no experience or certifications.</p>

<p>Also, with this job I'll learn some things that will transfer over into my classes/clinicals next semester so it's good.</p>

<p>I'm meeting with the woman on Monday to go through and finalize things.</p>

<p>What are you guys doing?</p>

<p>Working with the Navy on Pearl Harbor. Other than that: working out, reading books, golfing, learning to surf</p>

<p>I don't know how you can be stoked about making minimum wage.</p>

<p>I think the OP is more stoked about the "experience" aspect rather than the pay. I think the experience is just as valuable. =)</p>

<p>That's not minimum wage...and it's a job that will look good on resumes along with give me some experience that will be useful next semester.</p>

<p>It was that or retail (which would be minimum wage)...and in retail, what would I learn that would possibly be at all useful for my future career as a nurse? What networking would that give me? I've worked in retail, and I like it...but I wanted to do something at least somewhat related to my major.</p>

<p>Internship at Argonne Nat. Laboratory. Stoked as well. 400 a week for 40 hours, so $10 an hour.</p>

<p>I decided that this summer (after freshman year) is my last to be just a normal summer, without internships and networking and all of that, so I just went back to my part-time serving job at Texas Roadhouse. I love my managers and my coworkers, and I'm making pretty good money.</p>

<p>Structured assets intern at an investment management firm.</p>

<p>Professional tour guide/high-schooler babysitter.</p>

<p>It's minimum wage depending upon the state.<br>
I'm from California where the minimum wage is 8/hr. Like I said, there's nothing "decent" upon being payed.<br>
Employers pay you too little for what you are worth but just enough to keep you coming back for more.</p>

<p>Bar work is where it's at :D. I love everyone I work with, the only problem is the boss fires people seemlingly at random and does so quite often. Luckily as I've been working there on and off and so hopefully I'm out of the firing line. Not kidding 4 people hired and fired in two weeks :O.</p>

<p>Hopefully I'll be hired as a lifeguard. I filled out like a million applications, but I haven't heard back yet. My second choice is working as a nanny/babysitter (maybe live-in if I find an awesome family) and my third is trying to get a waitressing job (highly unlikely because I have zero experience).</p>

<p>I'd be so excited if I got $8 an hour. Minimum wage here is $7.25, and quite honestly if I got offered at least <em>something</em> at minimum wage I'd be grateful. It wouldn't be much, but it'd be money. But I'm more concerned about what kind of job it is rather than the pay. </p>

<p>But I can't find <em>anything</em>. Recently my area has been hit by a really bad flood, and a lot of the businesses are still not up and running. Therefore all of those people are out looking for jobs too- or they've been placed at different locations. It's going to be virtually impossible for me to find anything, which is really bad because I had some really big trips planned for this summer :( I'm thinking I'll probably have to rely on possibly getting a job at my school next semester to make up for this, and that's something I really didn't want to do this semester since I worked for the past two years during school and work really brought my grades down.</p>

<p>So who knows what I'll end up doing. At this point I'm not being too picky! Of course, at this point I'm also almost ready to give up for now :(</p>

<p>Minimum wage where I am in Canada is $10/hr. </p>

<p>I don't know about in the states but a lot of good students try to get summer owkr with the government (pays about $15/hr+)</p>

<p>I work in a hospital, filing and stuff, I make $25/hr.</p>

<p>Before you think that's so great and awesome; I'm getting no help from parents and very little government aid so even with a full summer at this wage, I'm going to need a line of credit for next year. :(</p>

<p>I'm still looking for a job. Possibilities include working at the movie theater, waitressing (this might not happen, since most places probably want people who are 21 and legally able to serve alcohol), Subway, Old Navy, and stores like that.</p>

<p>Last summer I worked at Jewel. To be honest, I was secretly relieved to hear that they're on a hiring freeze right now. Last year, I only got 12 hours a week (the minimum required by the union), the union fees were ridiculous, the pay was minimum wage, and the work was boring. Bleh. Of course I'd do it if I had to, but I'm really hoping to do something like waitressing instead.</p>

<p>Minimum wage where I live (NY) is $ $8 is absolutely decent for someone with no training, no experience and no certification.</p>

<p>I'll be working at an academic library full-time, weekend work at a pharmacy, and evening research with a behavioral economist. I'm very excited!</p>

<p>I'm taking a couple classes in the first part of summer, and I might try to do some tutoring on the side, hopefully for $10-15/hr</p>

<p>I am working at the job I had in high school. I am also trying to work a second job, college is expensive. I'm excited at the possibly of getting a second job.</p>

<p>I'll be working at Whole Foods as a customer service team member. Basically either a cashier, working the customer service booth, or running parcels.</p>

<p>It's pretty manual labor and it's not intellectually stimulating, but the people are cool, the pay is good for what it is ($10/hr), and there are plenty of chances for moving up in the company. Heck a lot of the corporate managers started off as store employees. While it may not be directly related to what I wanna do (engineering or public health), I can still get great references and managerial experiences, as well as having a sort of 'safety net' if all else fails.</p>

<p>It's a great company to work for too. I made like $200 just going to training. My next paycheck will probably be around $500.</p>

<p>edit: Job hunting tip... look for businesses that are about to open a brand new location. I think that's what helped me land this job. They needed a bunch of employees, both new and internal hires for this store. They still got like 1800 applications and only had 180 positions, but if you're a good candidate then I think your chances are better if you're applying for a new location.</p>