Summer Jobs: What are you doing?

<p>Will (hopefully) work at this local accounting firm which will expose me really early to how the business runs and help me earn some nice $ (just finished my 1st yr, but will be a "junior" next yr). Next summer I'll be doing leadership programs and if I can occupy the time I'll look into finance internships and/or going back to this local firm to work =)</p>

<p>I got a large JHU-funded scholarship to work for a member of the British Parliament :D</p>

I'm working on a whale-watching boat off the New England coast. My job is to assist the naturalist on board and answer passenger questions. 18-22 hours a week for $10/hour. I'm really excited about this job, I turned down a $15/hour receptionist job to do it. Hope I don't regret it!</p>

<p>Pinkstrawberry working her awesome summer job!


<p>You have no idea how jealous I am, that sounds awesome!</p>

<p>On June 1st I'll be working for my mom's company L'Oreal</p>

<p>10 weeks, 35-40 hours per week, pay is $15 per hour</p>

<p>Don't know the specific descriptions of what I'm doing yet, but I'll be doing sales and working with Excel</p>

<p>Got an internship at a marketing firm. 40 hrs a week for 12 weeks. making $27/hr.
On my third week right now!</p>

<p>"making $27/hr."</p>

<p>that's obscene</p>

<p>"that's obscene"</p>

<p>could it be....jealousy?</p>

<p>uh no kidding, plenty of people would love to make $27/hr</p>

<p>Internship for $0/hr. </p>

<p>Hopefully doing other random stuff that'll net me a few thousand.</p>

<p>EPA database, computer modeling, and coding internship...if the government ever decides to send me the forms. Oh the bureaucracy. But it's 15 bucks an hour for a fish with no work experience, so I'm pumped. Just hope it isn't too boring!!</p>

<p>Psychology research assistant. $10/hour, 32 hours/week. But I'm getting around 4 or 5 publications out of it (and working on a couple first author ones), so I'm more than happy.</p>

<p>Working at a themepark :). About 20ish hours a week at $8/hour. I'm cool with it! I go to a CC, so no totally awesome research/internship oppertunities for me... :P</p>

<p>I'm working as a counselor at a theater camp.</p>

<p>I had to bring this thread back from the dead on account of I finally got an internship!! I'll be working pretty much full-time hours at a TV station, for free, but I'm SO excited that I was finally able to find something like this for this summer! It took nearly two months, but at last, success!</p>

<p>Helping dad do HVAC work. So I'm in the 90-100 degree heat with humidity on full blast typically. Goin in attics is even worse cause it gets to be like 120 up in there, EASILY. Throw in an acetalene torch and the temp goes up another 20 degrees and your sweatin through several t-shirts a day!<br>
It kinda sucks but I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering so if I specialize in HVAC then I'll know all of the BS that us engineers put the ground crews through and how to help them out with cleaner/easier designs. :)</p>

<p>Pay depends on what jobs/houses we finish. Usually we start at 6:30 and sometimes we get off at a lunch because its too dam hot and some days we'll stay until 6. So the pay will fluctuate between 300-500 a week.</p>

<p>I've officially learned the simple pleasures in life such as shade, a breeze, rain, air conditioning, left overs for lunch, gatorade, deodorant, the radio, and a finished yard with flowers and green grass. This job has certainly humbled me!</p>


Psychology research assistant. $10/hour, 32 hours/week. But I'm getting around 4 or 5 publications out of it (and working on a couple first author ones), so I'm more than happy.


<p>Four or five pubs?! ***, is this normal for psych projects?</p>

<p>i'm working concessions for a minor league baseball team...$7.25/hr. The pay's whatever, but it's an easy & fun job</p>

<p>what am i doing right now? wishing i had a summer job....apply like hell everywhere.</p>

<p>other than that. waking up 1030, fifa, gym, hanging out, 360. (all expense paid for by my parents tho :))</p>

<p>^ lol, lucky! My parents could never pay for gym for me, or anything else for that matter. Then again I kinda don't see the point of me getting a gym membership now when I'm only here for 2 more months and have a fitness center at school.</p>

<p>^ 2 months can make a difference :)</p>