summer music programs for non-band kid

<p>This tone deaf mom needs some guidance! Our freshman plays electric and acoustic guitar, drums and started piano lessons to learn to read music better this year. He plays every moment he has with mixers, pedals, kapo? etc... He writes songs and puts them to music. He wants to go to a song writing summer program. We are looking for a guitar/songwriting program. He has done rock band camps and he wants something that he will learn more from. He wants a one to two week program...</p>

<p>Is Berklee songwriting week too intense? What is the Cornish school in Seattle like? Any suggestions would be appreciated!</p>

<p>My son did the Berklee songwriting workshop and really enjoyed it although it is only a 3 day workshop. He actually did several Berklee workshops over the summer. It was a very valuable experience for him because he was exposed to what it would be like to attend school there for college and made some friends. One added bonus, I do think that it can be helpful when you are going through the admissions process because if a student is talented they will remember...just my opinion.</p>