Summer of Test Preparation....

<p>Anyone else doing some hardcore prep over the summer? </p>

<p>My test prep consists of busting CR (get it to the 700s from 500s, not even sure if its possible).... starting ACT prep (and finishing it).... and teaching myself BC calculus and Physics B. </p>

<p>How about you guys? Is it going to be a lame summer?</p>

<p>My summer is gonna be a lot of work :) I just look to that bright light at the end of the tunnel haha. I will be taking entire SAT practice tests everyday, going through Direct Hits (1 and 2), reading 3 books and write ups for AP Language Summer Homework, Notes for APUSH Summer Homework, with really awesome week long vacations at perfect times to give me back my sanity. I have a feeling summer will be over in a flash :P</p>

<p>I agree. It's barely been a few weeks of summer and I've already hit the books...hard. I just need to keep up my motivation. Just think, guys: scores up, up, up! That's the goal! ;)</p>

<p>Ah yes and summer work for AP classes. 3 books, an essay, a notebook, and 2 packets.</p>

<li>Self-study AP Environmental Science</li>
<li>"Self-study" AP Chinese (native speaker) and AP Music Theory (should be a joke).<br></li>
<li>APUSH, AP Chem, AP Psych, AP English Language summer work. </li>
<li>BB tests, if I have time (I got a 218 (70 CR, 78 M, 70 W) on my PSAT in October 2009 as a sophomore, so I'm not too worried)</li>

<p>Summer will be devoted to SAT I and waiting for Silverturtle's 'epic' SAT guide.</p>

waiting for Silverturtle's 'epic' SAT guide.


<p>i'll be refreshing the page each day. jk jk. in all honesty, guides can only get you so far. and for someone as intelligent as silverturtle, i don't think he'll understand how us lower-scorers are. but anyways, still stoked for it.</p>


<p>Prepare for APs - APUSH, Physics B, Calculus AB, Chem, Stats
Do summer reading for AP Eng Lang, and APUSH, and Ac Dec, and Computer Science (he's making us read Godel, Escher, and Bach - fun but difficult)
Prepare for PSAT, SAT</p>

<p>Next year's gonna be so busy. Junior year kills souls at my school.</p>

<p>live a little, please.</p>

live a little, please.


<p>Easier said than done...</p>