Summer opportunities at Bama

<p>If my D wanted to stay on campus this summer, what are the possibilities?</p>

<p>Are there internships, volunteer opportunities, job opportunities, etc.?</p>

<p>How do you go about finding these opportunities?</p>

<p>Can you stay in the dorm?</p>

<p>She is currently a freshman in engineering.</p>

<p>Thank you for your help.</p>

<p>She wouldn’t be able to stay in the dorm for free unless she was involved with something that had funding to pay for the dorm.</p>

<p>There are various opps, but sometimes it’s hard for a frosh to snag them. There are REUs, but usually you need to be a rising junior/senior.</p>

<p>^ Mom, are you employed by UA as a full time monitor of this board? You always post within minutes of a question. Hope everyone appreciates it as much as I do.</p>

<p>^^ M2CK is amazing! </p>

<p>How do we look up REUs? (I will try googling)</p>

<p>My D would like some kind of a meaningful experience during the summer. Whether it’s an internship (I think ideal), study abroad, regular job, taking classes at the local college, or ? The summer seems like a very long time to be away from a routine.</p>

<p>My D stayed last summer doing Psych research which is her major.</p>

<p>Avanti’s and Alumni Association have summer programs that allow you to stay in the dorms.</p>

<p>Last year when we were looking …I would check the job boards at UA. My favorite find was a job that tested all the smoke detectors at UA! There was a wide variety of jobs.</p>

<p>Also she may be able to find something off campus in her field. Some of those jobs are posted on the job board too.</p>

<p>Ds research did not have enough $ to pay her for more than 20 hours. She told her supervisor and she found D hours on another paid project. </p>

<p>Also alot of students would love to sublet a apartment if needed!</p>

<p>I’m not sure of the deadline, but what about applying as a UA parent ambassador? I would imagine it’s somewhat selective though. (< 20) They work about 20 hrs/wk but I don’t know the reimbursement. </p>

<p>[Student</a> Affairs | Parent Programs](<a href=“Avanti Team - Parent & Family Programs”>Avanti Team - Parent & Family Programs)</p>

<p>I am pretty sure that the UA Parent Ambassador is an unpaid service position just like Arts and Science and Honors Ambassadors, however the Avanti position (during the summer) is a paying job and you get to stay in the dorms (although not your original dorm).</p>

<p>Homepage for REUs: [US</a> NSF - REU - For Students](<a href=“]US”>REU - For Students | NSF - National Science Foundation)</p>

<p>Note that UA is required to charge OOS tuition during the summer, except for study abroad programs, so the cost of taking classes at UA over the summer may be prohibitive for your family.</p>

<p>Consider also the possibility of attending another university during the summer, be it for an REU or just to take summer classes. I did this for 5 weeks this past summer and enjoyed living in a new place, meeting new people, and saving a lot of money on classes I needed to take anyway as all students qualified for the very low resident tuition rate during the summer. In retrospect, it was a domestic study abroad.</p>

<p>There are many different summer opportunities in Tuscaloosa, but not all of them will be open to rising sophomores. Have your D ask around for programs that might interest her. I strongly suggest applying to many programs if admission is competitive and to be willing to work/study/travel in any part of the country or the world. </p>

<p>Also, if your D could have access to a vehicle over the summer, consider subleasing an apartment. Rates vary, but many students who don’t plan on being in Tuscaloosa over the summer are willing to sublease at rates equal to or below those offered to new residents.</p>

<p>seatide - how do you find out about all the great deals you do? resident tuition in another state? how would you find out about that? you also seem to take a lot of weird flights, which i am guessing you get great deals on.</p>

<p>REU’s are offered at various universities, so students should NOT only apply to those at their own univ. </p>

<p><a href=“Search Results for REU Sites | NSF - National Science Foundation”>REU Sites | NSF - National Science Foundation;

<p>REU schools are encouraged to accept students from OTHER univs because of national funding…so being from the univ that offers a REU does not give a student a “leg up” to be selected. The purpose is to bring kids from various univs together to do research. </p>

<p>Each school can only offer a couple different types of REUs so your child’s STEM REU may not be at Bama. </p>

<p>My younger son applied to 6 last year and was accepted to 3…so competition can be tough. </p>

<p>Math majors should look at REUs and VIGRE programs at various schools. </p>

<p>REUs and VIGRE programs are fully funded…stipend, travel money, and dorm included.</p>

<p>Here’s an example of a Comp Sci one that Bama had last summer…
[REU-SLE</a> 2011 — REU-SLE](<a href=“]REU-SLE”></p>

<p>**REU-SLE 2011<a href=“SLE%20=%20Software%20Language%20Engineering”>/B</a></p>

<p>The Summer 2011 offering of the University of Alabama (UA) Research Experience for Undergraduates in Software Language Engineering (REU-SLE) spans 9 weeks and offers opportunities for 10 students from UA and other institutions across the nation.</p>

<p>Financial Support
Participant will receive:</p>

<pre><code>* Stipend of $4,320

  • Travel stipend of up to $600
  • Housing in an apartment-style dorm on the UA campus
  • Meal allowance
  • Professional conference registration, travel, lodging, and meals
  • Field trip travel, lodging, and meals
  • Books and other supplementary materials

<p>resident tuition in another state?</p>

<p>I thought Sea_tide did his summer classes in his own home state, but I could be wrong.</p>

<p>That said…some states do not charge OOS tuition for summer classes as a way to help fill those summer classes. I don’t think the UCs charge OOS summer rates, but I could be wrong.</p>

<p>My D would like some kind of a meaningful experience during the summer. Whether it’s an internship (I think ideal), study abroad,</p>

<p>I think the summer between frosh and soph year is a great study abroad time because that is a year that’s hard to get internships because many places want those who’ve taken higher level courses. </p>

<p>(So even if you have a higher standing because of AP credits, you may not have taken enough 300+ level courses to be picked for an internship… Northwestern’s REU told my son to re-apply next year when he had more 300/400 level classes under his belt.</p>

<p>no, he did this summer in reno IIRC.</p>

<p>m2ck - I’ve been checking regularly for new applications on REUs and they all appear to still have last years up. Do you happen to recall when your son applied for these?</p>

<p>I’m pretty sure all the apps were sent in Jan/Feb time frame.</p>

<p>Wow, the amount of knowledge I gain from this board is amazing. Looks like there’s so many great opportunities out there. That being said, I want my D home for the summer. I miss her :(</p>

<p>Rose…some REU’s aren’t this long. </p>

<p>Older son’s VIGRE program was only 5 weeks long…so time to be home, too. :)</p>

<p>Younger son’s REU program was 8 weeks long (but was told they would be flexible if a student’s schedule req’d…since Calif schools weren’t out by start date). </p>

<p>These are neat opps cuz kids get to spend time on other school’s campuses, meet kids from all over, and mix research with fun.</p>

<p>Well organized REU and VIGRE programs usually include a full mix of research and FUN…my kids went on hikes, bike rides, beach parties, BBQs, …did Ultimate Frisbee games, etc. Every weekend something was planned. And during the week, every Tues and Thurs afternoon had a “tea time” (ha ha) where the kids and profs would meet and just relax, chat, and nosh. </p>

<p>These are great networking opps. My kids now have friends from all over that they keep up with.</p>

<p>wow, DS is just excited to get involved in some interesting research, we had no clue there would be nice opportunities to interact in a fun and relaxed manner. There were a couple projects this past summer that he thought were interesting and from all over, I’ll be sure to tell him to apply to various ones.</p>

<p>Thank you for the info on the REUs. They do sound fantastic. </p>

<p>Does my D or any other freshman have a chance at one of the REUs?</p>

<p>The Avanti team sounds interesting also.</p>

<p>Thank you for the idea about subletting an apt. Hadn’t thought of that.</p>

<p>It depends on the REU. If your D really has only 100/200 level classes, it might be harder to snag one, but no harm in trying…especially the ones that might not get as many apps.</p>

<p>The ones at the top schools are going to get more apps.</p>

<p>MikeWozowski, some states, mainly those in the west, do not charge OOS tuition or charge only a small OOS tuition supplement ($10 per credit in WA). In addition, some schools don’t charge OOS rates for study abroad, distance learning, or self-support (not state-funded) courses. While there is not a specific thread on CC for these opportunities, things do get mentioned in passing (eg one can take two online courses per semester through community colleges in NM for $376+ books). As long as the school is regionally accredited, there is a very good chance that UA will accept the courses for transfer credit.</p>

<p>It was much less expensive and better schedule-wise for me to take courses at the University of Nevada, Reno. The campus reminded me a lot of UA circa 2005 in terms of size and the number of new buildings. Reno is lot like Tuscaloosa, but with casinos and no humidity. </p>

<p>Cuttlefish123, I would encourage your daughter to apply to the REUs for which she is eligible and interested. If the interest is mutual, she will be contacted about her possible participation in the program(s).</p>