Summer Orientation Worth It?

<p>Long story short, I can't attend orientation unless I jump through a ton of hoops and somehow get myself down there for it, on top of the uneasiness of spending a hundred bucks listening to counselors say things that I know. If I didn't go, would it greatly affect my chances of getting the classes I want? Is there a way to sign up for classes online without attending orientation? I'm going in with the prospect of Astrophysics as my major and Jazz Music as my minor, if that matters at all.</p>

<p>The only way to get the priority registration is to sign up for orientation. I have not talked to anyone who tried this, but in theory you could sign up, pay the money for orientation, and then just not attend, but register for classes. It may or may not work. If you do not sign up for orientation, then you will not be able to register until after all orientations have ceased.</p>

<p>Message the departments for your major and minor choices and see what they say. Some might be willing to give you a permission code that you can use when you are able to register. There is no guarantee, though.</p>

<p>This is just my opinion, but I only found orientation useful for the priority registration. However, that can be a big factor for some people and it was enough for me to attend.</p>