Summer orientation..

<p>i dont know if it was just me, but i missed alot of info.
my orientation is on 7/24(sat) and im clueless..
so we just get to the uc and were do we all meet up? do we pick out our classes there or online? what time do we have to get there by?</p>

<p>after this orientation is over we can just go home huh?</p>

<p>Did you get an email? I got one with 4 PDFs attached, one had a full schedule. Sounds like a busy day, 7:30am-5pm.</p>

<p>Yeah if u haven’t gotten ur email already, u should email the ucsc orientation asap!</p>

<p>hey all, thanks for the reply -
i actually got the email from ucsc , i gotta check my email for often lol…
anyways if we are going to summer orientation do we sign up for classes online or go to the orientation to sign up.</p>

<p>How’s the orientation for those people who went?</p>

<p>From a parent perspective, I’ve found that it was very informative. Here’s just a brief highlight on what to expect: You’ll get a program guide so you wouldn’t be in the dark.

  1. Parents and student separates to go to different meetings
  2. Parents go to informational meeting to learn about housing/facilities(FAQ session is availalable)
  3. Parents will get a tour of the dorm and the college
  4. Student will get a chance to pick their classes after their own meeting, around afternoon.
  5. After student signed up for classes, parent and student can go on their own and visit the fair or campus and learn about various services/programs the school has to offer. Optionally, you can go with a guide and learn about the your school.(Kresge, Porter, etc…)</p>