Summer Parking...

<p>I'm assuming that parking over the summer is not going to be free so I was wondering...</p>

<p>When will be able to purchase parking permits for the 10-11 school year? The ones from this past year are about to expire in a week and I'm going to need a pass for the entire summer and all of next year.</p>


<p>yup .</p>

<p>Summer permits --> purchase in person @ gilman parking structure or bookstore.</p>

<p>Permits for next year --> ^ or purchase via tritonlink</p>

<p>Do you have to purchase the summer and year long parking separately?</p>

<p>as the name implies, year-long includes the summer session. it's prorated though; if you buy the yearlong pass in september (9 months) it'll be cheaper than buying it in july (12 months)</p>