Summer Plans for rising Juniors?


<p>My DD is thinking of doing a 6 week summer program at UCB - Summer Focus. Any reviews?
Are these programs worth the money? approx. $6400 </p>

<p>Anyone know anything about Summer Institute for the Gifted?- I know loaded title... it's a 3 week program for high schoolers. approx. $4200</p>

<p>I dunno. I was considering doing harvard's summer program... then I realized that it was my last real summer at home. This will be my last time to solidify frienships and other relationships for my last year of high school. I think it's more important to stay at home and get things how I want them with my parents before I leave. </p>

<p>I'm going to be relaxing a little (I need it...) and doing a few local lacrosse camps and one or two up north... but nothing too crazy. </p>

<p>I just want to make those memories that you're supposed to have in high school. Doing the things high school kids do. I mean, sure a summer program looks good on the transcript but I rarely think that it's the difference between acceptance and denial. I think in the long run, it'd be better to solidify your feelings about your home. </p>

<p>Butttttt that's me...</p>

<p>well, i was considering many summer programs such as:
The Student Conservation Association
Cornell Summer College
Johns Hopkins Summer
(i was basically looking for pre-college programs)
but now my parents said they are too expensive, so im just staying home and earning college credits from local community college and volunteering.
PM me if anyone wants links to above programs :)</p>

<p>Has anyone applied to one of the physical sciences courses in the summer high school program? My daughter has not heard yet. I called this morning to find out and was told that the admissions committee is still reviewing all of the applicants for the physical sciences courses.
I'm concerned because she has been accepted to another summer program for languages and we have to withdraw in writing by April 30 or lose our deposit.</p>

<p>My daughter did the Columbia program last summer. She took environmental science and enjoyed it a lot. We live in NYC so we didn't have to pay the residential fee. PM me if you'd like more info.</p>

<p>working, working and working...</p>

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<p>If you're in California, Cosmos is less expensive than most of those other programs, and gives scholarships. It is very definitely worthwhile. But I assume the deadline is passed.</p>

<p>D2 is attending Explo for 3 weeks. She will be touring some colleges she is interested in as well.</p>

<p>D will be swimming twice a day with her club team and (hopefully!) working part time.</p>