Summer plans!

<p>I dont know if people have started thinking about summer yet but I can't wait! I'm going to be a rising senior, and here are my plans:</p>

<p>1) Write college essays - I want to have them DONE by the time school starts!
2) Volunteering at camp for a month
3) Volunteering with kids with terminal illnesses for a month
4) Running the summer session of a special needs dance troupe
5) Watching a LOT of Japanese TV shows so I can get a 5 on the AP Japanese exam!</p>

<p>I'm going to have a really busy summer but I'm so excited! What are you planning on doing this summer?!</p>

<p>yep I've got plans already
college essays
a week of holidays with parents
a week with friends somewhere near
2 weeks workcamp
summer festivals volunteer maybe?</p>

<p>Relax, relax, make videos, sleep, relax, spend time with friends, relax
My last summer before college :p</p>

<p>I get to lifeguard at my local pool and at a lake nearby again! Also, I get to serve as an aquatic invasive species instructor at the same lake. I get to protect both the lake and those swimming in it haha. Great job, fun people, just an overall good time. But I still have to start (and hopefully finish) my essays then too.</p>

<p>I'm super excited for summer too. Here's what's planned:</p>

<p>-Veterinarian Internship
-Piano stuff
-Summer Camps
-Find a job lol</p>