Summer precollege drama programs - Carnegie Melon, Emerson, Boston University and Yale

My rising senior d is having a hard time deciding on which program to go with for this summer. Are any programs actually taught by the faculty? Have better prep for college auditions? Yale was her first choice but I seem to find mixed reviews on their summer program and doesn’t seem to provide prep for auditions. Any experiences to share?

Be sure you know what you’re signing up for - a lot of colleges offer their campuses up as a rental for different companies to run camps, but the program has little to do with the actual college. Look for one that is actually run by the school, not a separate company.

Brown University has a six-week summer program for high schoolers too–TheaterBridge.

Has she been accepted to all these or she deciding where to apply? I know a girl who was happy at BUSTI a few years ago. I think they have a connection with BU Theater program, not just rented space (which I think is lower for theater programs than other summer programs).

LOL, you don’t need a summer program for precollege drama.

Precollege drama is the theme of the whole College Confidential website !

She has been accepted to all 4 programs. Tough decision. We would like to be sure that she is in one with actual professors from the University and where she will get training that will prep her for the audition process.

My rising senior S was accepted to pre college summer programs at CMU, Cherubs NW, and BU. After doing some research of those 3 program we found that BU’s program is taught by BU faculty and it immerses you in a conservatory BFA type program if that’s what your D is looking for. The program isn’t focused on a final play performance either so they spend more time learning the actual techniques of acting. In looking at BU’s typical schedule, a student has close to 6 hours of acting technique/class per day. That is a bit more than some of the other programs. Instead of presenting a full on play at the end, the students perform pieces that they have created in their Ensemble class. You also receive college credit for the course and can choose to do a “mock” audition with feedback or a real audition at the end of the program.

Thank you for your reply!! My daughter chose Busti this past summer and loved it!! Cannot say enough great things about the program and faculty! Highly recommend !

Unless she is getting some sort of need based aid or a scholarship, don’t waste your money on this. Well, if money isn’t an issue then sure, it can be a great learning experience and add another feather in her cap.